An extreme extremist would like the League out of the government. But he will not succeed – Corriere dell’Umbria

  An extreme extremist would like the League out of the government.  But he will not succeed - Corriere dell'Umbria
Francesco Stores

They try in all ways, but for Ousting the league from government, Brigade PD-M5S-LU Should refuse Matto Salvini. Who doesn’t think of doing him a favor at all.

Rai will also have a number of murderers of Ranuki and Report.  It was not for me

One’s attitude is curious Rapidly left the extremist. In words he praises Mario drew government, Exaggeration Sergio Mattarella, In fact it sabotages any attempt to set a serious course for Italy.
Because Salvini’s passion prevails, they brigade in every way to get him out, even making strongly divisive arguments in political debate.
If i could, i would ask President of republic: But he talked on these topics before starting New executiveThe

Rai is still raging in Rocco Casalino

Yes because if Drawn government Was born ok to positive response to the appeal head of state. Which has precluded the possibility of going to the initial vote and urged it to be established Palazzo Chigi An executive of all, “without any political color”.
If the Democratic Party and the company push forward the proposal for the nature of government every day, it is clear that we are facing a massive effort to sabotage. Calling their way out Majority Ursula, Is the one that al Parlamento europeo averonò la von der leyen As the chairman of the new European Union Commission. But this would be the reverse of the proposed priorities Mattarella. Can do anything other than this Scottish Shower A left unable to follow the agreement signed with the government program aimed at combating the epidemic and national reconstruction.
I know Enrico Letta And his companions want to interrupt the journey Drawn government They should have courage and declare it openly. Otherwise it is Manfrina only good for People like fedz, But it is useless for the future of the country that needs to be resettled. Seriously please.

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If the opinion is correct, Fedz will agree to apologize for a complaint no one has ever attempted


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