Appointments in the Municipality of San Giuseppe Vesuviano, the Revolution of Prefectural Commissioners – Metropolisweb

Appointments in the Municipality of San Giuseppe Vesuviano, the Revolution of Prefectural Commissioners - Metropolisweb

In the revolution of the offices of the Municipality of San Giuseppe Vesuviano, which the prefectural commissioners fielded when they took office, not only are the appointments of managers signed in recent months by the former mayor of Vesuvian, Vincenzo Catapano, on hold. Among the innovations made by the group of Anticamorra officers who came to the City Palace more than a month and a half after the dissolution of the old administration due to mafia infiltration, would also include a reorganization of the offices which would include the integration of some areas – even Those that ended up under the magnifying glass of the Access Commission’s 007 – and a reduction in the number of assignments to be made. From the nine measures signed a few months ago by the mayor of the league – which also ended up at the center of the controversy, with some complaints submitted to the Public Prosecutor of Torre Annunziata – it will rise to the current eight, which will be published in the next few weeks. . The appointment of managers expected for these days has actually been postponed after three members of the Extraordinary Commission – deputy prefects Aldo Aldi, Agnes Scala and second-rate manager Antonio Scosze – decided to promote in light of the restructuring. A new ruling process addressed to all Category D municipal employees under Sector, Municipality. Selection will begin at the Town Hall after questions come to the Central Office, only once all requests for the role of Manager will be analyzed, will the Prefect decide who to assign the tasks, also taking into account recent reports Of the dissolution of the municipality, which has seen many professionals in their sights in the Ante di Piazza Elena d’Aosta. According to the new organizational model put in place by the Anticamorra prefectures, the municipality will have eight major areas: general and institutional affairs, social policies and public education; accounting and human resources; income and taxes; Information Systems, Demographic Services & Sup; municipal technical office; atmosphere; municipal police; Advocacy. The management of municipal offices by the prefectural commission receives the most attention, especially in light of recent developments. One of the key actors of the Piazza Elena d’Aosta body was at the center of an internal quake, closely linked to the Maxi investigation that kicked off the political adventure of the league’s government team just a month earlier. The head of the municipal technical office – defined by the Access Commission as part of the investigation – was actually suspended from office until December. He is not the only officer who has ended up under the magnifying glass of 007, with no provision made for the other officers under investigation.

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