AstraZeneca changed her name before the Democratic Party

AstraZeneca changed her name before the Democratic Party

Thoughts and thoughts have been chosen by Giuseppe de Philippi for you to know what is happening in Italy and the world

There is a question on Magistrate Nicola Gratery and the preamble signed with him, with which the book is signed Is anti-Semitic and conspires, Updated by authors, not denied at all. In short, a very strong thing, but very little and not at all from Italian information. So, at least talk about dinner No one else talks about it.

Three main “things”

Fact # 1

Before the Democratic Party did it again It was the AstraZeneca vaccine that changed its name. But there is no peace (in the world) and they arrive New stages of its use Based on some age groups. For example, in Berlin, under the age of 60 No Anglo-Swedish Commentary.

Fact # 2

Some traditional politics was made up of interviews and placements. This is precisely for this phase in which the policy was strictly directed to the management of power and is still in the suspension phase. Enrico Leta Faces Giorgia MeloniHonoring each other’s roles and everything else you can imagine. In addition to their one-hour negotiations and, justifiably, the general commitment to improving the functionality of public support for companies and workers, and the structure of guarantee commissions claimed by the opposition, one can only imagine that they chose electoral law. talked about . A topic on which they are not easy to agree on, but who knows. while Mateo Salvini does not want to do European pop, but instead wants to write a charter of values ​​with Victor Orbán and Máez Moravieck. And one really does wonders but makes him do it. When he has a chance, he is also lucky Taking the place of the Union and taking it to the places of governance, Thanks to the government’s spirit of the pro-Europe Grand Alliance, it, on the other hand, goes into the nonsense trio of the rule of law, the anti-liberal and even anti-democracy trio. In a trio of friends of Russian and Chinese friends. In fact, this thing is incomprehensible, perhaps, by digging into its deep private sphere, what drives one to flee from ordinary political citizenship and from equal, respectful human relations can also be said to be enjoyable and interesting.

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Fact # 3

Accidental problem solved, but it says the same Fly low.

Today in pills

– Michelle Masneri is right, here we should not look at the Prime Minister, but other people, There is news (But it is also true that Lazio is already far ahead with the elderly). And then elsewhere in the world, restrictions are imposed on people under 60 years of age, not on people who are older.

– Luigi di Mayo He reads newspapers and is angry, But this time he has an easy game.

The Scottish question, which in turn has become a product of the Brexit question, becomes tricky Alex Salmond, with the belligerence and independence intentions of the former First Minister (called as head of local government), back on track after legal woes.

Beware of the huge impact of e-commerceNot so much on traditional trade, but so much on the real estate value of the stores.

Righteous witness in George Floyd murder case, Above all because he knows how the body reacts by being blocked by the strength of others.

Bob Dylan in his 80s, with some arthritis, Everything else is fine.

– In the meantime His mars.


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