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astrazeneca vaccine

Hospital admission less than 94%

According to one study, it will reach 76% efficacy before the first dose.

Stefano Dinatle

Family doctor

Stefano Dinatle

AstraZeneca Commentary Is this a series B vaccine? This is the question I often hear in the clinic.

Not at all, dry answer. Not only this Series one commentary, But I would say that he is also fighting for Scudetto.

In fact, very recent studies have shown that AstraZeneca Hospital admission decreases by 94% after the first dose., Compared to 84% of Pfizer. This Scottish study was done by analyzing data from over 1,140,000 vaccinated people.

and that’s not all.

Effectiveness, according to a study by Prestigious Lancet Scientific JournalAlready alone With the first dose it will reach an efficacy of 76% After 22 days from administration (and not 60%), when taking the second dose after 3 months, the effectiveness will reach 80%. It would mean Protection not only for the most severe forms of infection, but also for mild people.

So, whether you are asked to get Pfizer, Modern or Estrogena vaccines, Immediately vaccinate as soon as you receive the invitation.

There is no other way to end this evil epidemic. The option is to stay with constant mask, spacing and lockdown.


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