Attack on security guards: President’s dogs exit White House – Politics

Attack on security guards: President's dogs exit White House - Politics

Apparently the White House is a bit aggressive!

US President Joe Biden has to participate along with his two Sheepkeepers, Major and Champion!

One reason is the incident of bites! The younger of the two dogs, Major attacked the White House security guard. This is CNN’s report.

How serious the injury is is not clear.

Major was seen first as he barked and jumped at people. Biden received him from an animal shelter in 2018. According to Biden’s team, he is the first shelter dog in the White House.

One of the two dogs, it is said, is much quieter.

After the attack, the dogs were immediately transported to the Biddens family property, Delaware.

First lady Jill Biden says of Major and Champion that she got used to it in the White House: “You have to take a lift here, you’re not used to it.” In addition, many people saw him in the White House. Lawn.

The two four-legged friends were the first pets in the White House in four years. While former President Barack Obama boasted Portuguese water dog Bo and his predecessor George W.W. Bush owned a Scottish terrier, Donald Trump broke this animal tradition. He was the first US president in more than a century without a dog.

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