Australia’s religion calls for “courageous climate policies”.

  Australia's religion calls for

More than 110 religious groups across Australia are calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to take “daring climate action by 2030”. Together they want to show the government “what needs to be done”.

In Glasgow in view of the United Nations Climate Conference COP26 (31.10.-12.11.), groups demonstrated in front of churches, Buddhist temples and a mosque in front of a Catholic bishop’s news portal with slogans such as “protect the building”. Conference “Cathnews” reported on Monday.

tradition of social justice

“The Catholic Church has an established tradition of social justice. We know that those most affected by climate change are marginalized and disadvantaged,” said Father Robert Ridling, dean of the Catholic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Parramatta. “That’s why we as a church, along with other churches and other faith traditions, hope that we can show what needs to be done and demand that the government act on this problem,” the pastor said. said.

Coal mining continues despite climate crisis

Australia is considered one of the most severely affected countries in the world by climate change. Morrison government rejects binding measures against climate change to protect domestic coal mining. Climate change skeptics have great influence in the conservative coalition of the Liberal and National parties. With the announcement on Monday that Australian CO2 emissions would be reduced to zero by 2050 at COP26, Prime Minister Morrison succumbed to public pressure as well as straining the governing coalition.

Low awareness of crisis in government

According to the media, the head of the National Party, Barnaby Jones, categorically rejected any binding time-frame to reduce CO2 emissions. In response to public pressure, Morrison announced a few days ago that he now wanted to travel in person to the climate summit in Glasgow.

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Queen gets irritated with indolence

A few days ago, Australia’s head of state Queen Elizabeth II, in conversation with her daughter-in-law Duchess Camilla, which was unintentionally streamed live, was “irritated” by heads of state and government who “talk but don’t”. are” act” during the climate crisis. The monarch also expressed disapproval of politicians who had already canceled their participation in the climate conference.


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