Austria moves to Israel

Austria moves to Israel

DFranco Foda already suspected that the day after bankruptcy would not be a pleasant one. “If you conceded five goals, you didn’t do anything right,” said the German coach of the Austrian national team after a low 2:5 blow in Israel. The Austria-Medians did not accept the fact that the Austrian Football Association (OFB) selection still had a chance at the World Cup in Qatar, despite qualifying humiliations against the hosts, who are overseen by ex-OFB sporting director Willi Rattensteiner. .

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Saturday evening’s experience was nothing new for Foda and his players. European Championship qualification with 2:4 in March 2019 met with similar applause, also in Haifa, against Israel, Andreas Herzog also had a compatriot on the opposing coaching bench – and the performance was also underground.

Comments on Sunday were the same as two and a half years ago: “What a gossip! The Austria national team lost 5-2 in World Cup qualifying in Israel on Saturday,” wrote “Kronen Zeitung”. The “press” called “Austria’s painful incompetence”. It is undeniable that a former Bundesliga professional Foda has been a rarity in his four years to date.

On social media, some ironic Twitterers suspected a high political sentiment behind the team’s presentation around captain David Alaba. One wrote, “In terms of human rights, it is very commendable that the Austrian team is boycotting the World Cup in Qatar.” Another said: “Others are talking about boycotting #Qatar2022. Austria does it unannounced.”

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