Background Mertens, the whole truth about e-mails to Napoli

Background Mertens, the whole truth about e-mails to Napoli

Naples – The story of the scoring Prince Charming has turned into a number match without gloves. The story as confirmed by Napoli to the club is as follows: Dries, to renew his contract to expire from 30 June 2023 mertens He would have asked for a €4 million plus bonus for one season (plus the power of attorney paid to his agents). On the other hand, sources close to the player tell of a much smaller request: 2.5 million euros biweekly per season, and therefore half or less of what he has earned over the past two years (4.5 million base plus 500 thousand euro bonus). ) Meanwhile, from his crew, no one makes an official statement: “No comment,” says attorney Laurence Melotte, owner of the law firm with Stijn Francis, which looks after his interests, Stir Associates. And in between, people: the surprise, expectation and concern of millions of confused fans, who haven’t stopped loving Siro, the only and greatest idol of recent years, and are hoping for a compromise. In a happy ending: like a fairy tale, not a ring.


And then, the news. The story of the fact that the blue planet shook over the past twenty-four hours to such an extent that the clear description of the gradually emerging conditions suggests extreme caution. The first has been confirmed by Naples: Mertens, a municipality of Flanders, about twenty kilometers from their Leuven, may have requested 2.4 million engagements, via an email sent by the law firm Stirrer Associates of Kerbergen, a one-time 1.6 million of signings and a series of bonuses to extend his contract by one year, expiring on June 30. ie, 4 million net plus bonus: just below the 4.5 million plus bonus earned over the past two seasons. Among other things, 30 June is also the deadline by which Napoli can still exercise the unilateral option of automatic renewal of a season, and at the same current salary. Option that, however, he would not exercise: the renewal proposal that the Blue Club explained was never officially drawn up, noting that after the Empoli coffee between Ciro and the President, another meeting. Wasn’t staged, it wouldn’t go ahead with a 1.5 million annual contract (probably with some bonus).

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head in half

Sources close to Mertens, meanwhile, relaunch another version: Dries would have asked for a two-year contract of 2.5 million per season, to be renewed, so that the current salary spreads between 2023 and 2024. Can you In short, players will be willing to halve their salary, but are focusing on a two-year project: Siro in half. In short, the two positions that emerged are very different, and if on the one hand Napoli confirms a request via email for a $4 million bonus from Stirer Associates, they opt for silence. “I’m not talking about the Mertens question. No comment. I can’t help you. Sorry », the polite dribbling of Lawyer Melotte. The hero, meanwhile, the Belgium national team in preparation for the next Nations League matches Engaged with: Tomorrow with Zielinski’s Poland, Saturday with Wales, and Tuesday again with Poland. And for the time being he is silent.

what is frost

The cover title, however, is pretty simple: Polar Frost Between Napoli and Mertens. And renewal, at present, is practically impossible: there is no margin on some figures, it is still leaked from the Blue Club. Breakup, divorce after nine seasons of love, tongues and a record of goals (in total, in the league and in the European Cup). And then a Neapolitan son named Ciro, as people renamed his father, whom De Laurentiis joked via Twitter after his win against Sassuolo that he had already signed. They were second time, close but far away. and now? Gattuso would prefer him at Valencia, but the club’s economic situation does not appear to be the most optimistic, as does Sarri in Lazio, but the club’s policy does not match the coach’s wishes. And then: there are offers in Brazil (Botafogo), Dubai and Qatar. Thousands of kilometers from Naples. we will see.

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Dear ADL, Keep Mertens This is very important for Napoli


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