Barga, the second edition of the literary itinerary “Between the villa and the evocative corners” is underway

Itinerari letterari a Barga

The Municipality of Barga, in collaboration with the Ricci ETS Foundation, Proloco Barga, Unitre Barga Apps and Santo Lumi, among other important realities, promote second edition Of rich literary program whose main subject is not only promotion of books and readingBut also exploring different places in the area.

A unique cultural journey, uniting so many distant and different genres, and so exciting, that begins this year Fornaci di Barga Tomorrow (June 3) at 9 p.m. in the Wrapped Library with a book entitled Talatou Clementine Pacmogda Vendim! God’s Will, After Friday 24 June at 9 p.m. always at the Circolino di Fornaci 2.0 in Piazza IV Novembre in Fornaci, the topic of disability will be touched upon with a book by Fulvio Mandriota. a different story, The next day, Saturday 25 June at 5 pm, there will be a meeting on Enrico Matar the poet, novelist and theater writer, with an anastatic reprint of the volume. moscardino In the evocative villa of the Rikki Foundation.

On Saturday 2 July, in commemoration of the Arandora Star, Ligurian author Maura Maffei will present her novel. is the abyss silent Which will be held at 6 pm on the roof of the museum of memory rooms. The famous book of poet Alba Donati will be presented at the Ricci Foundation on Thursday 28 July at 6 pm library on the hill, Friday August 5th at 9 p.m. in Piazza Giannetti, “Piazzetta del Libro” will host politician Waldo Spini with his latest book s.on the highest hill. The election of the President of the Republic from its origin to the present day, While we will talk about art on Saturday 6th August at 6pm in the Municipal Gallery with Fabrizio da Prato who will present the list of works Recall Parma 2020 + 21 and will perform some of his functions; Dedicated to Pascoli on Saturday 27th August at 5pm with Francesca Irene Sensini presenting her latest work Nothing is sweeter ”: Giovanni Pascoli and Emma Corcos, Letter at the Ricci Foundation which will host journalist and author Vincenzo Pardini with the book on Saturday 3rd September at 5pm the blinder,

on the occasion of Scottish Weekend Three themed presentations will be held starting with professional author and ghostwriter Massimo Tagino talking about his fantasy book inspired by Scottish folklore. The Hunter’s Saga – Albas Saturday 10 September at 4 pm at the Town Hall. While on Sunday 11 September at 3PM Shamrock Irish Pub, passionate Scottish writers Antonello Cattani and Paolo Gulisano will present their latest creations. broken crossbar And robert louis stevenson adventure in heart, The literary cycle will conclude with a presentation by Fornacina author Giovanna Pellegrini at the Ricci Foundation on Saturday 1 October at 5 pm. History of the other millennium,

A series of events that will undoubtedly attract the attention of book and reading enthusiasts, taking into account the many literary genres addressed in these itineraries and discovering places unique to their beauty.
exclude all appointments, i. will be held atfree entrance,

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For information contact the Cultural Office of Barga Municipality (0583 724791) or Facebook page Literary Itinerary in Barga – Between villas and evocative corners,


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