Best things to see in Edinburgh: Relaxation and fun

cose da vedere a Edimburgo

being steeped in history and home a A variety of historical and cultural attractionsThere are countless things to see in Edinburgh. From its charming medieval heart to the grandeur of the New Town, it’s undoubtedly A unique city full of contrasts and surprises,

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure and visit our guide.

Visit Edinburgh Castle

Perched high above the city by its large cliff, Edinburgh Castle is a must-see. Well preserved on its high volcanic rock, it has witnessed not only royal ceremonies and festivals, but also brutal fighting and brutal politics. you find out A rich history that is still a great source of inspirationAs well as important national symbols such as the Stone of Destiny and the Honors of Scotland.

It’s a slightly steep climb to the entrance, but it’s just worth the look.

Go underground near the Real Mary Kings

He is buried in the depths of the Royal Mile the darkest secret of the city, The real Mary King’s close is a Labyrinth of Hidden Underground RoadsFrozen in time and shrouded in mystery. As you walk through the rooms, each one will give you a better understanding of what life was like in the 17th century.

Book your tickets and travel back in time through some fascinating tales of plague, murders, intrigues, ghosts and unexplained events.

enter a world of illusions

Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura has been a top attraction since 1835 and will keep your mind busy for hours Five floors of optical illusions, tricks and puzzles, Get a panorama of the city through the old observatory, explore themed rooms with interactive exhibits, and check out the gift shop. Incredible series of unusual knights, Know that your ticket is valid for the entire day, giving you time to take a break and come back later for more fun.

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drink scotch whiskey

A trip to Scotland is not complete without sampling a sip of whiskey. spend your evening One of the many high-end whiskey bars Like Black Cat or Whiskey Bar, or indulge in a Scotch Whiskey Experience for a real introduction to the world of whiskey. Through this multi-sensory journey, you’ll be able to be a part of the whiskey-making process, hear some of the stories behind the magical craft, see the largest collection in the world, and sample some of the drama of unique flavors and aromas. Will be able

Relax at Princes Street Gardens

In the middle of town, between Old Town and New Town, you’ll find the Princes Street Gardens. Before starting your day of shopping on the adjoining street, sunbathe, picnic or go for a walk by the Ross Fountain and look at the flower clock and the many sculptures around. the best time to go though during spring and autumnChristmas stalls offering winter rides and delicious mulled cider will not disappoint. In addition, you can take several excursions, and each of them will surprise you.

View Scott Monument

In memory of Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott and built in the 19th century, it is the largest monument to a writer in the world and Dominate the Edinburgh skyline with its spectacular Gothic design, View engravings of his fictional characters, learn about his life in the museum room, and go upstairs. 287 steps To the top to enjoy the spectacular view of the surroundings.

reach the top of calton hill

Known for its landmarks like the impressive Athens-inspired Parthenon National Monument and City Observatory, Calton Hill is the best viewpoint and an easy five-minute climb. Grab your camera and head to the top to see all of the city’s major landmarks, or attend the Beltane Fire Festival on the last day of April to celebrate the Wheel of the Year, reviving ancient Gaelic traditions and welcoming ‘summer’ . This is definitely one of the best things to see in Edinburgh!

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things to see in edinburgh

Other things to see in Edinburgh

  • appreciate modern art
  • spend a day at the zoo
  • Witness the history of planet earth
  • go to arthur’s seat
  • Watch a Show at the Jazz Bar


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