Biden calls for international efforts to tackle climate change

Biden calls for international efforts to tackle climate change

A few weeks before the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, US President Joe Biden has again called for an international effort in the fight against the climate crisis.

WASHINGTON – “We don’t have much time,” Biden warned during a video session in Washington on Friday with several heads of state and high-ranking representatives of the European Union and the United Nations. “We all have to act and we have to act now.” Joe Biden insists: “Glasgow is not our final destination.” Despite commitments and agreements, the international community must continue to intensify its efforts in the coming year and decade to combat global warming. At the same time, Biden argued again that there are also great economic opportunities in the fight against the impending climate catastrophe.

The video switch organized by Biden on Friday, which followed a public opening statement played behind closed doors, should serve as preparation for the conference in Glasgow. According to the White House, only a small group was involved: Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Great Britain, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Presidents of Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia and South Korea as well as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, President of the European Union Commission. Ursula von Leyen and European Union Council President Charles Michel. (dpa)

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