Biden fractures feet playing with his dog, putting him on shoes

Biden fractures feet playing with his dog, putting him on shoes

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. twisted his ankle while playing with one of his dogs over the weekend, an injury his doctor said Sunday caused a hair fracture in his leg that would require him to wear walking King boots. For several weeks.

Although the initial X-ray showed no obvious fractures, “follow-up CT scans showed a lateral and intermediate cuneiform fracture of the lateral and medial cuneiform bones of the President-Electric Biden, which is in the midfoot,” said Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Said Director Medicine at GW Medical Faculty Associates, distributed by Mr. Biden’s Office Fees.

Mr. Biden on Sunday afternoon in Newark, Dale. Visited an orthopedic specialist, just left at 6:30 pm and went to the imaging center for a short time for an additional CT. A spokesman for Biden said the president-elect on Monday had scheduled his follow-up on Sunday so as not to disrupt his schedule. A van was built to prevent journalists and photographers from seeing Mr. Biden as he entered the doctor’s office.

After the head of the General Services Administration, Mr. Biden, 78, is already working on a crumbling transition time frame. The results of the presidential election were not formally accepted Until the week after election day, Mr. Biden is temporarily deprived of access to federal resources and his advisers are prevented from coordinating with Trump administration officials.

President Trump, who has refused to accept Mr. Biden, Posted on Twitter Mr Biden’s NBC News video came out of the Cutter’s leaving fee on Sunday, adding, “Get well soon!”

Mr Biden slipped on Saturday and injured himself, a German shepherd playing Bidens with Major, whom he then adopted in 2018. They have another German shepherd, Champ, and he has announced Plan to get a cat When they go to the White House next year.

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Mr. Trump has had no pets in the White House for four years.


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