Big shock for Scottish Conservatives

Big shock for Scottish Conservatives

Boris Johnson’s course for a chaotic Brexit is disturbing British politics. A day after the Prime Minister’s decision to the London House of Commons over a forced break for five weeks in the autumn, his Conservative Party regional leader in Scotland, Ruth Davidson, submitted his resignation. The opposition announced a nationwide protest rally for the weekend, and activists filed suit against Johnson’s course in several courts.

The resignation of the highly popular opposition leader in the Scottish Parliament suddenly made this dilemma clear in which many Terris find themselves through Johnson’s unconditional policy. Both Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 referendum, with surveys showing the anti-Brexit majority in both regions has begun to freeze since then.

While conservatives in Northern Ireland are leaving the field for regional unionist parties, Scotland, under Davidson’s energetic leadership, has until now been considered an optimistic region. In the 2016 state elections, the Lesbian Army sensationally pursued a direct mandate from the SNP National Party in the center of Edinburgh. In the European Union referendum campaign, his star also shone across the country due to the party’s strict presence against the party’s enemy Johnson. In the recent general election, the Tories came out of the ghetto of the one-mandate party for the first time since 1997; The current thirteen MPs of the North have since maintained a conservative minority government in power. Against a nationalist government, which has steadily deteriorated after twelve years in office, Davidson was expected to inherit from Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon in 2021, especially since surveys suggest that for a second independence referendum Hunger is not particularly great.

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Brexit, especially its likely chaos version, thwarted these ideas. Davidson, 40, on Thursday justified his move mainly for personal reasons, especially with his son Finn, now ten months old, who was conceived through IVF. The fact that his conservative party friends in London were relieved to point out that the family ability of top politicians earned him poor marks.

The Prime Minister wanted to reach a new exit agreement with the European Union, Davidson said: “I will take that at my word.” The treaty in the fourth attempt. “Neither his own party’s Brexit ultrasound nor the opposition reported on Thursday that they wanted to accept the request.

Governance in lieu of government

Labor’s finance spokesman, John McDonnell, promised “all parliamentary moves” for the coming week, which is included in the prime minister’s no-deal policy. It is now “no longer a government, but a regime.”

Both the Edinburgh Court of Justice and the High Court of Belfast, lawyers for Brexit opponents, pleaded for an interim injunction on Thursday against the mandatory pause for parliament, the so-called Progress. Regional systems differ to a greater or lesser extent from the law prevailing in England and Wales. Businesswoman Gina Miller called for a review of the decision of the London Supreme Court. It “should tie Parliament and prevent it from exercising its sovereignty,” believes the activist, whose trial in 2016 put the matter of Parliament in the first place. In contrast, a former Supreme Court judge, Jonathan Sumoshan, gives the Millers and similar initiatives very little chance this time: the forced break may be politically ambiguous, but it is hardly legally competitive.

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A protest rally of several thousand participants on Wednesday in London, opposition representatives want to follow rallies across the country tomorrow. An online petition against compulsory breaks was signed 1.4 million times within 24 hours as of Thursday afternoon.

(Photo: dpa / Sebastian Borger)


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