Bill Xan, Renzi: “It was wrong to leave the pact, populism won in the Senate”

Bill Xan, Renzi:

“Leaving the potential agreement to dream up an impossible law was a wrong choice, a result of the political incompetence of the Democratic Party and the Five Stars.” to say that, in a letter Republic, it is Matteo Renzi who thus returns to the Senate to talk about the sinking of the Zan bill. The leader of the Italia Viva attacked Democratic Party leaders, accusing them of “preferring to write angry posts on social media rather than writing laws”. And he goes on to say: “pointing to parliament as the place of the bad and the class as the place of the good: this is also populism” (DDL zan: what happened – what happened now – what is “tagliola” – what is the text ddl Of).

“The Democratic Party has chosen to risk the skin of the people”

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According to Renzi, “beyond all that, the fact is that the law has failed because of those who have miscalculated and fought for consensus on the skin of girls and boys who did not deserve this wound. Democratic Party has deliberately chosen to take risks on the skin of homosexuals, transsexuals, people with disabilities.” And on snipers he says that “there were at least forty from all political camps. And we protested President Cassellati’s decision to cast a secret vote if the articles were not passed: we wanted everyone to take their responsibilities transparently.” Just as the applause and chanting from the stadium after the vote was a slap in the face of the sensibilities of many civilized people who wanted to see the senators in the hall, not the ultras.

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