“Black Box” Will Collect Climate Data for Future Civilizations

With its thick steel walls and storage for batteries and solar panels, the developers of “Earth’s Black Box” say the city’s bus-shaped structure itself will be indestructible to the climate crisis and destined to survive beyond humans .

“The fund will act as an indestructible, independent ledger of the ‘health’ of our planet,” Jonathan Kneppen, the Glu Society artist and director involved in the project, told CNN. “And hopefully it will hold leaders accountable and inspire them to act and respond to the general population.”

“Earth’s black box will record every step we take towards this catastrophe”, write creator The researchers behind the project, including researchers from the University of Tasmania and a marketing communications company, climbing bbdo, “Hundreds of data sets, measurements and interactions related to the health of our planet will be continuously collected and stored safely for generations to come.”

The steel monolith will document all past, present and future climate-related interactions and artifacts, including changes in land and ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, human population, energy consumption, military spending, policy, and climate change. change and much more.

According to its creators, the box will be filled with a storage engine and continuously download scientific data from the Internet, powered by the facility’s solar panels and batteries.

The developers estimate that the black box has the potential to store enough data for the next three to five decades and are continuing their quest to increase their storage capabilities beyond story storage and data compression.

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Kneebone said manufacturers are still trying to figure out who will be able to use cashiers in the not-too-distant future, as access is designed to be difficult and will require advanced technology.

Like Rosetta Stone, he said, they plan to use several coding formats, including the mathematical symbolism of their inscriptions on long-range analog steel plates, which will contain the instructions needed to decipher the box by whoever discovers it. .

“It’s impossible to predict who or what he’ll get [the box]But it can be assumed that it will be of no use until a wise and decent man or something is discovered who has the ability to understand and interpret the original symbolism.”

Younger generations can benefit from the project by using it to find solutions, as they are most at risk from future climate change disasters such as landscape-altering fires, historical droughts, extreme heat and deadly floods that occur every year. Keeps getting worse.

“It’s a very creative way of addressing the most potentially disastrous outcome of the climate crisis by creating a “doomsday vault.” [climate] The data,” Vladislav Kayem, a youth climate activist from Moldova and a member of the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, told CNN.

a final analysis The International Atomic Energy Agency’s Climate Action Tracker report warns that with current policies – not proposed, but what countries are already doing – the world is on track for a warming of 2.7 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Scientists said that on the planet stay below 1.5 degrees To avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis.

The developers of the black box say it could hold politicians and business leaders accountable for tackling climate change.

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“To me, it shows how inconsistent it is in the climate sector to trust politicians with everything they say,” Chaim said. “It sends a very strong message that the real black box here is in the minds of politicians who have all the means to avert disaster but have decided to continue ignoring accountability until it is too late.”

Once the black box is activated, the climate data library will be accessed through an online platform. Visitors will also be able to connect wirelessly to the box, which will be located in a remote location between Strahan and Queenstown in Tasmania.

“We are exploring the possibility of incorporating an e-reader that resides inside the box and will activate when exposed to sunlight, as well as the box if it goes into hibernation for a long period of time due to a disaster. Will reactivate it,” Neppon said.

As the climate crisis continues, the picture may provide a model for solutions many years from now.

“How the story ends is entirely up to us”, developers write, “One thing is certain, your actions, inactions and conversations are now being recorded.”


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