Bologna in search of a true identity

Bologna in search of a true identity

TuttoBolognaWeb Editorial Staff

I was thinking these days, what is the truth bolognaif he against fiorentina and Atalanta where despite playing well they lost 1-0 or against a Milan And sampdoria 4 points or more generally, if the real Bologna were one of the first stages or withdrawals.

Finding the answer is not easy. This Bologna was created to slightly improve the situation of the previous championship, as we know, during the season, there are some variables that should be taken into account. A full Bologna would be ninth, tenth. Unfortunately, we know, it is almost impossible not to get injured, sometimes even serious. Dominguez He is an essential player for Bologna. Unfortunately he is out for almost 3 months. Trolley Since returning from the Africa Cup, he has not played at some level, although he has shown encouraging progress in the last two matches against Milan and Sampdoria. Schouten was out for months and then there were players who missed expectations like Bonifazi. 10 points were received in the second round when only 5 matches are left for the end of the championship, with the match against Inter in Dal’Ara to be recovered. Very low, compared to the 27 points obtained in the first round. For a definite leap in quality, at least a few elements are required arnautovic and to medel, specialist and villain in the field, one between defense and midfield and the other between midfield and attack. For some specialist elements, the policy of young people is fine, but with only young people, it has been observed over several seasons that there is no jump in quality. Bologna almost always scores with Arna, sometimes with Orsolini and, for example, Sansone does not score in front of the goal and even from the bench, Falcinelli and Santander Don’t guarantee the guns worthy of our Serie A Soriano between now and the end of the season, maybe some goals make them, but last season’s 9 goals and 7 assists have nothing to do with and more generally , a performance that last season was far better than the year. On Monday evening, beyond the win signed by Arnoutovic (he has been elevated against Ligurian teams), Skorpski’s goal to underline still remained untouched, a good job of connections in the central zone. Abstractprogress of Dijxo The acclaimed tractor is slowly back in the second round of 2019 and is doing an excellent job on the Hickey band, where it combines quality and speed. The Scotsman is also very focused, always making it difficult for aggressive outside players to overcome even inside the game. Yes, I will sign another 4 points between Juve and Udinese; This will serve to give consistency of results and put Udinese behind them, even if it is said, Friulians will have to recover 2 games. A championship final to try to find the true identity of this Bologna, physically devoid of Sinisa Mihajlovic and to understand where to start next season amid some certainty and some corporate uncertainty.

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