Bombshell Reports Says Former Patriot Jack Esterby Makes ‘Strain’ in Texans

Bombshell Reports Says Former Patriot Jack Esterby Makes 'Strain' in Texans

Many in New England have a bad say about Jack Easterby.

It doesn’t look like that in Houston.

Esterby joined the New England Patriots amid Aaron Hernandez’s situation, serving as a team member who helped mentally healthy players both on and off the field, becoming an increasingly influential figure under Bill Belichick.

Now with the Houston Texans, he has risen to prominence as an executive, becoming the team’s de facto general manager following Bill O’Brien’s shooting.

Illustrated games Put an interesting report on Easterby, Which draws it into interesting shades, if irregular, light. Instead of having a quiet, stable presence like New England, he has been portrayed as creating a culture of distrust in Houston – where some in the organization thought he was being followed.

The article clause is here.

“To Illustrated games, Some lives call the 37-year-old a guiding force in their lives, a beloved minister and mentor who shepherded two NFL franchises in difficult times and became the foundation of the Patriots’ late-dynasty years, in which he rarely found a place. Bill Belichick’s inner circle. Not many people in Houston see it as a congenitally reliable and balmy foil. Instead, he describes a figure of authority whose leadership style sows mistrust and division, breaking the rules at the time, and straining relationships inside the building. Meanwhile, his responsibilities increased despite questions surrounding his credentials. ”

Certainly, Isterby will have to answer this at some point. But the whole story – which is worth reading – doesn’t paint it in the best light.

Thumbnail photo by Toy Ta Termina / USA Today Sports Images

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