Boris Johnson against the inclusion of trans women in women’s competitions

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Rome, April 16 – British Premiere boris johnsonFollowing a speech at a hospital in Welwyn Garden City, a major controversy erupted over the issue of transgender people and their classification in sports. Prime minister he insisted He trans athlete They should not participate in women’s competitions at all and children cannot decide on their own to change their gender, for these reasons their education requires the presence of parents.

According to some British activists, many women and girls in the United Kingdom are leaving competitive sport because they would feel powerless in the presence of trans athletes, who are biologically male and therefore physically advantageous. As noted by British media, BoJo is facing heavy criticism from the LGBT community after he refused to pass a law Conversion therapy for transgender peopleConsidering it an unfavorable practice.

Johnson against trans in women’s competitions, but Tories are divided

The Scottish Tories and Wales also plan to make conversion illegal for transgenders. And by now it would all seem linear, were it not for Labor politician Keir Starmer He said a priority against gender change: The MP believes the discussion was born to distract the British population from the current economic problems that have been plaguing the United Kingdom in recent times.

However, if on the one hand the Conservative Party supports the decision to abolish the bill on “conversion therapy”, some representatives of the same party have shown themselves to be in favor of discussing a possible legislation. in these Gay MP William Wragg and trans Congressman Jamie Wallis.

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The issue has sparked much debate, but if the law is passed, it will be the responsibility of the entire Tory side, which not only has a fragmented view on the bill, but has also included political figures in its electoral rolls. . Disagree with the basic rules that exist within the party.

in an article of daily mailIt is noted that some activists are concerned about possible approval of the law, as teachers could even end up in court if they do not admit that boys play in women’s teams. Obviously, Johnson’s past support for the LGBT communityThe “sword of Damocles” is forming for him and for his own political team.

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