Boris Johnson is building nuclear weapons

Boris Johnson is building nuclear weapons

After decades of disarmament policy, the British government wants to increase the number of its nuclear war again for the first time. Now military experts know the background, and the dispute over naval bases is finding new food for British nuclear submarines in Scotland.

A Royal Navy submarine in front of a naval base in Faslane-on-Clyde, Scotland.

Thomas Macdonald / EPA British Ministry of Defense

For British self-image, nuclear weapons are of great importance: status as legitimate nuclear power in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty gives a permanent member of the UN Security Council a status that has destroyed the empire’s collapse. Unlike the United States, China, Russia, and France, Great Britain relies only on sea-based systems. The country has neither land-based nuclear missiles nor nuclear bombers, only four ballistic nuclear submarines. Posted at Faslane-on-Clyde, Scotland And carrying a maximum of sixteen trident intercontinental missiles. The rocket has been built in the United States, which is why the British nuclear program is also strengthening a “special relationship” with Washington. With its comparatively modest arsenal, Great Britain sees itself as a responsible and positive force in the world that does not shy away from military operations, but also enjoys credibility in cases of disarmament.

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