Boris Johnson, who will be the successor? Sunk and Truss Two “Finalists” –

 Boris Johnson, who will be the successor?  Sunk and Truss Two
From Luigi Ippolito, London correspondent

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer will fight for successionson of immigrants, and foreign minister. penny mordaunt
Deputy Commerce Minister, stayed out

The next British prime minister will not be a white man: a choice between an Indian and a woman. The former Chancellor of the Exchequer will run for the succession of Boris Johnson, who resigned two weeks ago Rishi Sunak, son of immigrants and foreign minister Liz Trussie
, She is currently the poll favorite: Great Britain may therefore be headed for its third female leadership after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

Sunak and Truss emerged as the two finalists At the end of selection within the parliamentary group of the Conservative Party, which has an absolute majority in Westminster.

If the former jumped to the top of the deputy’s priorities from the very beginning, The other had to be better than Penny Mordaunt’s formidable competition.
Deputy Commerce Minister Joe Bookmakers also delivered as an outright winner. In the end, Sunak got 137 votes, Truss got 113 and Mordount got 105 votes.

At this point the term goes to the approximately 200,000 party members, who They will vote by post in the month of August: Winners will be announced on 5 September at 12.30 (London time). The next day there will be a handover with Boris Johnson: and it will not be the first time at Buckingham Palace. In that period the Queen would in fact still be on holiday in Scotland: so Boris would make his final resignation at the Palace of Balmoral, where the new premier would receive the position from Elizabeth.

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The next few weeks will see two finalists dive into a whirlwind election campaign To win the favor of the party’s base: But if anything, there will be no radical change with regard to Johnson. In fact, he was vilified for character incompetence, not because his political choices were contested: so substantial continuity is expected.

The only issue in contention, in the first leg of the race, was taxes. Sunak has made fiscal prudence his flag and argues that it’s not time to cut taxes if the economy doesn’t get back on track first: all other candidates lined up for immediate reduction in tax burden .

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer is somehow the party establishment’s centrist candidate: but he runs the risk of being unwanted at the grassroots. In fact, he came out of Winchester’s prestigious private college (Minton Eaton) and made a fortune in finance, so much so that he earned the nickname king of yorkshire (where it resides); In addition, he married a very wealthy Indian heiress. And his personal affairs are his Achilles heel: not long ago it was revealed that his wife took advantage of a legal system to avoid paying taxes in Great Britain; While Sunak himself has applied for an American Green Card, thus giving rise to the hypothesis that sooner or later he wants to move to the United States. They really don’t have the best credentials to present themselves as a man of the people.

In terms of style, Craze is very clean-cut and licked, while Liz comes across as a little robotic and awkward figure (and her opponents whisper behind her back that she’s a little weirdo). But the odd thing, if you like, is that in the end the choice of the new prime minister is handed down to a much smaller sample of voters and far less representative: Conservative members are actually mostly wealthy middle-aged white men. But anyway the future of Great Britain today depends on them.

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