Born on June 9 and still remembered today

Born on June 9 and still remembered today

Born on 9th June is shining in the world of politics, music, songs, entertainment, sports in search of characters.

Characters born on June 9 and Still remember today:

George Stephenson
Engineer, Inventor and Father of the English Steam Railway
George Stephenson is an English engineer who is considered the father of the steam railway in Great Britain. Born on 9 June 1781 in Northumberland (England) in Wylam, 15 km from Newcastle upon Tyne …

curzio malaparte
Italian writer, journalist, official, poet and essayist
Curzio Malaparte, whose real name is Kurt Erich Suckert, was born on 9 June 1898 in Prato, the son of Erwin Suckert, a dior from Saxony, and Edda Perelli of Milan. After compulsory school he enrolls …

les paul
american guitarist
Born on June 9, 1915 in Waukesha (Wisconsin), Lester William Polfus, universally known as Les Paul, is one of the most important figures in the growth and development of …

Giuliano Urbani
Italian politician
Giuliano Urbani, former Minister of Cultural Heritage, was born on 9 June 1937 in Perugia. He graduated in political science long ago, at the age of 29, publishing his first essay. In…

edoardo agnelli
Gianni Agnelli’s son
Edoardo Agnelli was born on June 9, 1954 in New York, the first of two children of the legendary industrialist Gianni Agnelli, co-owner and top manager of FIAT (his mother is Marella …

Milena Gabanelli
Italian journalist and TV presenter
Milena Gabanelli was born on 9 June 1954 in Tassara, a village in Nibiano (Piacenza). After graduating from the DAMS in Bologna (with a thesis in the history of cinema) she married Luigi …

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Patricia Cornwell
american writer
Patricia Daniels (Married Cornwell) was born on June 9, 1956, in Miami to the descendants of Harriet Beecher Stowe (author of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”). His mother, Marilyn Jenner, works as a secretary while…

Michael J Fox
canadian actor
Michael Andrew Fox was born on June 9, 1961 in Edmonton, Canada. The son of an aviation colonel, he was only 10 years old when his face appeared on Canadian TV screens. Later…

Johnny Depp
american actor
The new genius of Hollywood arthouse cinema is called John Christopher Depp, he was born on June 9, 1963 in Owensbora, a mining town in Kentucky, and is the last …

Matthew Bellamy
English Singers and Musicians, Museum
Matthew James Bellamy was born on 9 June 1978 in Cambridge to a Scottish father and a Northern Irish mother (from Belfast). Matthew has a brother and a half-sister; His father, George, over the years…

Natalie Portman
American Israeli actress
Natalie Hershlag, better known worldwide as Natalie Portman, was born on 9 June 1981 in Jerusalem. When she was only three years old, she lived with her family…

wesley sanjar
Dutch footballer
Wesley Benjamin Sneijder was born on 9 June 1984 in Utrecht (Holland). He began his career as a football player at the Ajax youth zone, making his first-team debut on 22 December 2002: Dutch manager…

Deborah Rescue
Italian showgirl, model and actress
Deborah Salvalagio was born on 9 June 1985 in Latina.

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Born on June 9 and still remembered today / Christina Adriana Bottis / editorial board


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