Brazil: In a video, Jair Bolsonaro asked how much it would cost to appoint a court judge

Brazil: In a video, Jair Bolsonaro asked how much it would cost to appoint a court judge

Without realizing that he lives on social networks, the President of Brazil, Jair BolsonaroHe said that there is any kind of corruption in the process of selection of judges of the court. It was proposed by the head of state himself, which should be approved by Congress. He was recently convicted of crimes against humanity by a Senate commission, Bolsonaro will begin a trip to Italy on Friday to attend the G20 summit in Rome and receive the honorary citizenship of Angelara Veneta.The city where his family immigrated to more than a century ago.

During his interview with the new news channel of far-right radio station Jovem Pan, Bolsonaro spoke to his corruption advisers and asked if there was anything. He knew how much it cost to appoint a judge to federal court. “Warning: How important do you think the situation is to the Supreme Court…?” asked the president, who stopped when he realized that his own social networks were broadcasting it live.

President A Victim Senate sieges to approve appointment of former Justice Minister Andrei Mendonka, Presbyterian priest, one of the flags of his administration. This is Bolsonaro’s second appointment to a position on the Supreme Court: In 2020, senators approved the name Casio Nunes Marquez to fill the vacancy of former judge Celso de Mello.

After realizing that he had been photographed, Bolsonaro changed the subject, but he also mentioned the high prices previously negotiated in the tenders. “Is this a recording?” He asked, smiling nervously, starting to change the subject to say that if Fernando Haddad of the Labor Party (PT) wins the presidential election in 2018, the country will be currently in detention. against the pandemic

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green banknote shoes

In private comments, Bolsonaro also mentioned this type of corruption. have to ask someone for a pair of shoes and instead of shoes have a “green ticket” appear in the box, However, he did not say whether he knew him now or in his 28 years as deputy. These statements were made in the period of interviews with the new television channel Jovem Pan, which follows the more extreme Bolsonaro.

One of the members of Middle Table is a comedian and impersonator. Andre Marinho, son of Polish Paulo Marinho, who sold his building as the headquarters of the Bolsonaro campaign in 2018. Then the relationship broke down.

The comedian asked him about the public money transfers he investigated with Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, the president’s eldest son. “Marinho, I am the president and I answer for my actions,” said Bolsonaro, who rose angrily from the table and left the interview, which was broadcast by default.

Travel to Rome to attend G20 summit

bolsonaro During the G20 summit later this week, which brings together the world’s major economies. Brazil’s presidential contingent includes the foreign minister, Carlos Franca, and the economy minister, Paulo Guedes, and will arrive in Rome on Friday morning, when Bolsonaro’s only official activity is meeting his Italian counterpart, Sergio Mattarella.

Unlike other G20 leaders, who will travel to the Scottish city of Glasgow to attend COP 26 after attending the Rome meeting, Bolsonaro will stay for two more days in Italy. he will go to town on monday anguillara veneta, in Padua, where Bolsonaro was the first to emigrate to Brazil at the end of the nineteenth century, and where He will be awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen”.

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Bolsonaro’s first visit to Italy takes place in a delicate context, where he is often criticized internationally for the relative spread of the virus and its environmental policy. Since assuming power in 2019, Bolsonaro faces criticism from growing deforestation and fires in the AmazonAnd also because of his government’s lack of leadership in climate debates.


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