Brexit, first day. Forget Scots Organizing for Independence

  Brexit, first day.  Forget Scots Organizing for Independence

There are more doubts on the first day than certainty Brexi. Britain gave its final goodbye to the European Union with a message of optimism from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which spoke of a “glorious moment”. The eyes are on the channel, where the control returns. With a line of trucks in Dover. The first ferry to Calais in France left the new rules with negotiations with Brussels.

For Jean Michel Thillier, regional director of French customs, the organization has established itself thanks to professionals and IT equipment. “There is little traffic at the moment, but we expect an increase in the next few days. It will start from January 4,” he said. On forms to fill more than 60,000 passengers and 12,000 vehicles, it is estimated that they cross the channel every day.

Watch on english channel

A Londoner says, “I think it was a very long time for Brexit. It was like a London traveler. But people wanted to get out of Europe. And finally we left from there. Me Don’t think. There is a big difference between before and after. We will still be good friends with our neighbors who live across the ocean. “There are people who think that it will be a bit difficult, at least in the initial phase. Maybe it will be like this for a few years, another British citizen says, but in the end the UK will come out on top, because it is a great country. A great power and a wonderful spirit. “

The first post-Brexit Eurostar arrived in London from Paris to the Gare du Nord. The free trade agreement between the European Union and London avoided the withdrawal of duties, but not from checks on border control, passports and check permits. Instead, the risk of British drivers applying for international licenses to drive their cars on European roads is deferred in a separate agreement.

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Negotiations with the European Commission, in the days of the last squeeze, focused on trade and disputes over fishing. Among the issues to be addressed now, are the consequences of a long series of agreements ranging from the Lisbon Convention to the Galileo satellite program over the legal value of eligibility.

Scotland dreams of independence

Scotland reluctantly woke up this morning, as it reluctantly suffered from Brexit, which becomes fully operational from this 1 January, even on a commercial scale, on Christmas Eve between London Eveu and Brussels Agreement reached

However, Scotland considers itself a victim and its head, Mrs Nicola Sturgeon, has never hidden it, and those who have not yet figured it out with an open letter sent to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serena Refreshed, while again reiterating the European ideals of the Scots, he argues that they will undertake the adoption of the legal and constitutional curriculum to become an independent state. In other words, to re-enter the European Union, even if through a backdoor.

In short, the Scottish good heart is beating strongly. However, the critical sentiment towards London remains constructive, even on a night of transition from the old to the new regime. At the stroke of midnight, Nicola Sturgeon reiterated: “As an independent member of the European Union, Scotland can be a partner and builder of bridges”.

In 2016, the year of the Brexit referendum, the Scots voted for He lives In favor more than 60% of the preferences.

A new referendum

Faced with the inevitable achievement of Brexit a few days ago, Nicola Sturgeon reiterated: “We are leaving the EU at a time when we have never benefited so much from the Union, in which there has never been so much need for the EU.” ; And again “to be independent” it is necessary to demonstrate that this is the will of the majority of citizens. “Therefore a referendum is required and the declaration of independence by the government is not sufficient, because” it is a democratic The question is. Should be resolved politically and democratically “.

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Therefore, he says “we must agree on a process with the British Government for an opinion meeting, which is in line with the clear mandate given to us by Scottish citizens”.


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