Brexit: Scotland’s rebels – MPs want to vote on independence

Brexit: Scotland's rebels - MPs want to vote on independence
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In the 2014 referendum, 55% of Scots voted against independence. After Brexit, it should be voted again – but Boris Johnson is against it.

  • Scottish MPs vote for a renewed independence vote
  • MPs justify decision with imminent Brexit
  • 62% Scots to remain in EU in 2016 Brexit referendum

Updated from Thursday, 30 January 2020, 6:35 am. Scotland Is part of United Kingdoms. That in turn will leave the European Union on 31 January. But many scots are with it Brexi Nothing on the cap will remain a part of Europe. Finally, in the 2016 Brexit referendum, 62 percent of Scots wanted a clear majority Great britainIs evident in the European Union.

Now the Scottish Regional Parliament in Edinburgh has voted in favor of a second independence referendum for the British part of the country. MPs voted 64 to 54 for the proposal of this government.

The head of government said, “We are only two days away from losing our EU membership and all rights associated with it.” Nikola Sturgeon In view of Britain’s exit from the EU on Friday. The Scottish National Party (SNP) politician said that Scotland is now the only way to become a part of Europe.

However, Sturgeon cannot be obliged to hold a referendum, as it depends on the approval of the central government in London. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson However, it has already made it clear that it will not allow a second referendum. In the first referendum in 2014 the question was clarified for an entire generation, Johnson explained his stand. At the time, 55 percent of Scots voted against the division.

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Sturgeon has changed the situation since the 2016 Brexit referendum. The Scots had then voted against leaving the European Union by a large majority, but were rejected by voters in England and Wales. So your country will be torn against its will from the European Union, Sturgeon said.

United Kingdom Could Fall: Scotland Wants Independence

First registration, December 13, 2019

Edinburgh – The general election in the United Kingdom produced two winners. First, of course, is Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has won an absolute majority with conservative Tories. And then there is also the pro-European Scottish National Party (SNP), which will enter the lower house as the third strongest force.

With the success behind them, the SNP is now aiming for a new independence referendum, as party leader Nicola Sturgeon confirmed in a BBC interview on Friday. The Scottish Prime Minister said, “First, Boris Johnson has no right to drive Scotland out of the European Union and, second, to prevent the people of Scotland from determining their future.”

SPD European politician Katrina Barley expressed concern about the trend of such segregation. “I am very concerned that the United Kingdom may break up,” said the Vice President of the European Parliament on RBB’s Infadio. Apart from Scotland, aspirations for independence were also increasing in Northern Ireland and Wales.

UK election: SNP won 48 out of 59 seats in Scotland

The SNP received 45 per cent of the vote in Scotland, 8.1 per cent more than the 2017 election. It won 48 out of 59 mandates, more than 13 two years ago. The fact that a party wins so many seats with 45 percent of the vote is due to the British electoral system. In each constituency, the candidate with the most votes wins. All other votes are no longer counted. The big losers in Scotland were the Labor Party, which managed to defend only one of its seven seats, and the Conservatives, who lost more than half of their six seats.

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At the instance of the SNP, in 2014 there was a referendum on Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). At that time, however, most Scots rejected a split. Prime Minister Johnson is confused about a second referendum. It is not yet clear whether a referendum will have to be approved from London.

UK election: Northern Ireland will empower nationalists

In the British province of Northern Ireland, more nationalists than federalists have been elected to parliament in London for the first time. Nationalist EU states such as Sin Phin and SDLP parties are in favor of integration with Ireland, and unionists such as DuP are in favor of remaining in the United Kingdom. The DUP lost the vote, but remained the strongest party. The coalition party in Northern Ireland, which seeks to bridge the gap between predominantly Catholic nationalists and Protestant Unionists, made strong gains.

There is also Plad Simru, a nationalist party in Wales. Unlike the SNP in Scotland, however, it lags far behind in terms of voter support. As before, it only holds ten percent of the Welsh seats. (dpa / cs)

FR writer * Peter Rutkowski, meanwhile, believes that the election of Conservatives under Johnson could be an opportunity for Scots and Irish – even as Britain as a whole has chosen itself in the political sideline. Editorial Boris Johnson wants to force Brexit after the election.

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