Brexit: Trade Agreement Must Cross Final Barriers – Politics

Brexit: Trade Agreement Must Cross Final Barriers - Politics

The historic trade agreement between the European Union and Great Britain still has some obstacles in the coming days. However, this should not prevent it from being implemented on time. On Monday, the EU ambassador to the 27 member states will decide to start the approval process at a meeting in Brussels. All states are required to vote, and some governments must consult their own parliament first. Nevertheless, according to the previous plan, all declarations of consent must be available in writing on Tuesday.

Then there were two days until New Year’s Eve for signature and publication in the official journal of the European Union. Without a valid contract, however, the tariff must be introduced on New Year’s Eve, because then the Brexit transition phase ends, in which the Kingdom is a member of the EU’s internal market and customs union. The agreement on trade and cooperation was reached on Christmas Eve – after a good nine months of hard negotiations between the European Union Commission and the British Government.

In Germany, the federal cabinet wants to deal with the contract at a switching conference on Monday. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) said the agreement “formed the basis of a new chapter in our relationship”. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the Sunday edition of the newspaper Wire, It is “up to us to use the possibilities now”. The House of Commons and the Lords in London would still have to give their consent before the Queen could award the contract to Royal Ascent. A special session of Parliament is planned for Wednesday. The MPs’ seat is considered safe, as Johnson has a solid majority and the opposition party wants to vote for the Labor Agreement. Even Nigel Faraj, usually the very important leader of the Brexit Party, supports the treaty: it is not right, “but on the whole war”.

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The contract now has 1246 pages

However, British Fisheries Associations and Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon criticized the fact that London made very large concessions in fishing quotas for the EU fleet. Representatives of EU fishermen complain Again, Brussels was very soft here. This was the last point of dispute before the catch agreement. On another frequent dispute – the rules of fair competition between companies in Great Britain and their rivals in the European Union – an agreement was reached in the first days. The contract now has 1246 pages 52 pages in accompanying agreements.

At the turn of the year, however, these contracts are only temporarily enforceable. Final ratification and acceptance can only take place after the European Parliament gives its approval. There is no time for this until New Year’s Eve.


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