Britain. Scotland says ‘no’ to Brexit and demands independence to return to Europe

  Britain.  Scotland says 'no' to Brexit and demands independence to return to Europe

Brexit has been a long debated issue and resulted in Britain leaving the European Union at the end of 2020. However, Scotland opposed the verdict for the first time in 2016.Voting, against exit and, as it reports London economicThe discussion has been vigorous.

The Scottish will is about to return to Europe, but it could only do so independently. In recent times, already the theme of holding a referendum for the end of 2021, has been in vogue to ask people to choose the destiny of the country. This was also reiterated by Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Ian Blackford, declaring: «Keys would be placed in circumstances that allow Scotland to vote to ask for independence. I want the referendum to be held as soon as possible. It is in everyone’s interest. But of course we have to end the election, make sure the SNP is re-elected to the government and strengthen the mandate for the referendum. There is a bill which will be published in the coming weeks and which we can approve once »before the elections.

Right now, the world is troubled by rising deaths due to Kovid-19, a priority for the country would be to end the epidemic, as the Scottish leader made clear: «The government’s first priority is to deal with the Kovid crisis. It is about keeping people safe, speeding up the vaccination schedule and taking blockade measures when possible. But we do it on the basis of data, evidence and security of people. When the situation allows the referendum to be conducted safely, we will do so ».

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Scottish Constitution Secretary Mike Russell spoke of the six-month period when the legislation is due in June, so it may be time to face a referendum by the end of June 2021: “But the important thing is to take those circumstances Keep in mind what allows this to happen and there is an inclusive debate going on in Scotland so that we know what kind of country the Scots want to live in. ‘

Blackford then warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson that this could not be an impediment to democracy, should the SNP win a majority in the Scottish Parliament elections, which would take place in May: “Democracy must prevail. In Scotland, sovereignty rests with the people. There has never been a situation in Scotland where Westminster was sovereign.

It remained in Parliament and you can refer to the claim of the Arobath Declaration, right and everything that has happened around it, which shows that in the end it is up to the people to choose their future. No one in Boris Johnson or the Tory Party opposed the will of the Scottish people to enforce their sovereignty, run that debate and decide whether they wanted to be independent or not. If we win the election we will allow it, by supporting our allies in the Edinburgh government to ensure that we get the one who votes scatting. ‘

The UK government has always opposed holding another independence referendum, seven years after the last, even if the SNP won a majority in the elections to be held in May 2021.

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Despite Brexit and non-independence, Scotland has reiterated that by passing laws such as the continuation of the European Union, Europe will not have to move away from it.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon acknowledged the difficulties surrounding the debate on independence, but reiterated its importance for continuing relations with all levels of European institutions: “I would like for us to have a political culture that recognizes that This is normal and in fact, the only way for the Scottish Government to effectively manage its developed powers is to engage with others at the European level. ‘

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