Britain: Will Prime Minister Boris Johnson become King of Little Britain?

Britain: Will Prime Minister Boris Johnson become King of Little Britain?

Boris Johnson is a political unicorn, a mythical creature that should not even exist, the iron laws of politics still invaded. But despite all the lies, affairs and misconceptions, the British Prime Minister is still present and more successful than ever. Or why is it so?

For Jörg Schindler, SPIEGEL reporter in London and in this episode of “Eight Billion”, it is because of Johnson’s special temperament: it makes him more authentic as a modern career politician. “People know that Johnson is a serial liar and adulter,” says Jörg Schindler, “and you get a little sense that the majority says: ‘I’d rather take an honest villain than someone honest, who The biggest solution to my honesty is., Whose internal workings I do not know.

However, Johnson’s success has been mainly limited to his home country, England. This became clear in the recent elections. In Wales, despite its advantage, its Conservative Party lagged behind its main rival, Labor. And in Scotland the ruling party SNP missed by an absolute majority. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon knows a political majority behind his plans for another independence referendum for the Scots – whose official> national animal is a unicorn.

“If Scotland becomes independent, the United Kingdom will no longer exist,” says Jörg Schindler, “and if Scotland is the first domino to fall, there will be a referendum in Northern Ireland shortly thereafter.”

In this episode of »Eight Billion« you can hear why unicorns have better cards in the upcoming political poker game about the unity of Great Britain, why Boris Johnson’s Brexit success speaks for Scottish independence and when in Scotland Freedom can be voted on:

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