British farmers seek new ties with the EU

British farmers seek new ties with the EU

Four British farmers’ unions want to start their relationship with the European Union after Brexit.

What will happen to farmers after Brexit? Four British farmers’ associations are asking themselves this question and have revived the British Bureau of Agriculture (BAB). Commitment needed with this move
The UK Farmers Union (NFU), NFU Scotland, Northern Ireland Ulster Farmers Union (UFU) and NFUWale announced in a joint statement that the representation of more than 70,000 British farmers on the European Forum would be strengthened.

In a concurrent report on building a new relationship with the European Union, the four farmers’ unions underline that it has never been more important for farmers across Europe to move forward together. We all have to face global challenges together. In the paper, NFU, NFU Scotland, UFU and NFU Wales are determined to work together nationally and internationally to capitalize on the latest scientific knowledge and innovations.

New options for action

At the same time, they want to open up new trading opportunities and protect the high British standards. The report identifies four priorities for the FOC, namely trade and standards, science
and innovation, the environment, and animal health and welfare. British trade policy must respect domestic production standards and support strong, competitive agriculture, it said.

In doing so, politics must be based on scientific knowledge and proportional,
Take a risk based approach. It aims to improve productivity to reduce emissions and
Reducing the ecological footprint of agriculture.

However, in the opinion of the unions, this requires an appropriate political framework for the companies. In animal health and welfare, policy must focus on research and the latest knowledge.

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