British politics with Liz Truss, Thatcher’s obsession

British politics with Liz Truss, Thatcher's obsession

The British foreign minister is on everyone’s lips: she could replace Prime Minister Johnson in a crisis. She has an ironic conservative ideology, rides the culture wars, is Instagram addicted, but also has many opponents

It can be said that the political career of liz truss Started in 1983 in a primary school in Paisley, Scotland. Teacher was running a mock general election and at eight years old and already a rebellious spirit, young Liz was asked to play Margaret Thatcher, a bogeyman in 1980s conservative Scotland. “Even then I didn’t vote for him,” Truss, who had meanwhile become a leading exponent of the Tories, would say years later: “Yet at that time I was already fascinated by Thatcher.” This infatuation will become an obsession. Liz Truss, Now the candidate for succession to the Secretary of State and Prime Minister Boris JohnsonHe is inspired by the Iron Lady in everything he does: he imitates his poses, uses the same belligerent rhetoric and, above all, promises a new liberal revolution in Great Britain. But to understand what’s on the mind of the most prominent Tories at the moment, we need to start with a smart neighborhood in Leeds in the 1980s.

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