British royals break neutrality and take sides against Russia: “Glory to Ukraine” –

British royals break neutrality and take sides against Russia:

From Charles and Camilla to William and Kate, the monarchy favors the Russian invasion

from our correspondent
LONDON – His work has always been silent: never engage in political controversies, never say anything controversial, never let any opinion shine through. And the British royals stuck to it without exception.

Except now, in the face of the tragedy of Ukraine.

From Carlo and Camilla to William and Kate, The monarchy broke neutrality and sided explicitly against the cowardly Russian invasion, The heir to the throne and his wife went to visit the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in London, while the Duke of Cambridge expressed their solidarity on social media. Slavic Ukrainian!, glory to UkraineCarlo, greeting the believers gathered in the church, said: and accepted the posters drawn by the children in their hands, on which one could read Stop Putin, Stop Putin.

The prince was accompanied by five charities of which the patron saint was accompanied by Camilla, who was seen crying several times while embracing the wife of the Ukrainian ambassador. My wife and I – Carlo said at the end of the trip – were very impressed by what we heard today and above all. The extraordinary courage and generosity of the Ukrainian community at the source of such a horrific invasion, But the prince, on the other hand, has held his views firmly for some time: a few years ago he stirred up a diplomatic controversy when he was caught in an off-wave in which he compared Putin to Hitler.

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In return William and Kate took a stand on their social channels: Today we are with the President and all the people of Ukraine – He wrote – When they fight bravely for the future. And he received Zelensky’s thanks via Twitter, W and K. Put signature on. He tried several times over the years to drag the Queen into the political arena, be it Brexit or Scottish independence: but he had always placed himself above the parties. Today its heirs, the future of the monarchy, have chosen humanity against barbarism.

March 3, 2022 (change to March 3, 2022 | 19:50)


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