British royalty – the queen likes the law as she likes

Basler Zeitung

Elizabeth II exercised far more influence over the legislature than previously known. Now the British are in rage. or? Regarding the complex relationship between the royal family and political neutrality.

Her classic role: Elizabeth II gives her “Queen’s Speech” at the opening of Parliament (October 14, 2019).

Photo: Toby Melville (AP, Keystone)

It seemed like a marginal statement when BBC correspondent Frank Gardner mentioned in September 2012 that Queen Elizabeth II was “very disappointed” in a private conversation with him that Islamist haters were not talking about Abu Hamza al-Masri. Great Britain could be deported.

The expansion caused a moderate setback in the media. In the end, the BBC apologized for Gardner’s “breach of trust”. This was not only one of the very rare glimpses of the political views of the queen, but is also a good example of how seriously the islands do not publish anything about the political status of the monarchy between the royal family and the royal family. Takes the agreement to.

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