Budget Cap, Coulthard: «Red Bull’s penalty is tough. Well transparency, was not the case for Ferrari » – 2022

Budget cap, Coulthard: «Penalità Red Bull dura. È bello conoscerla, per la Ferrari non fu così»

Speaking on Channel 4’s microphone to talk about the main events of Formula 1 David Coulthard he stayed on the subject for a long time budget cap, The former Scottish driver, now a pundit, believes fine imposed by FIA Feather red Bull They can prove to be anything but mild for minor violations of financial regulation. Below is an excerpt from his thoughts.

Coulthard: “Budget Cap? Harsh Punishment on Red Bull”

Speaking to the British broadcaster’s microphone, Coulthard said, referring to the wind tunnel restrictions imposed by the Federation on the Milton Keynes team: “Formula 1 is a game based on aerodynamics. If you get a reduction in the time you spend in the wind tunnel to develop your package, of course, if you start with a great package and already are faster than others, there may be a penalty. It doesn’t affect that much. But if you look at the rate of development, from the start of the teams to the end of the season, a car that wins the first Grand Prix is ​​underdeveloped. Might struggle to reach the top 10 at the end of the year.”

Then he added: “So really, I think it’s a pretty tough penalty, even if it’s agreed between the FIA ​​and Red Bull. I think it’s good enough to know what the punishment is, because we still don’t know what the punishment was for ferrari When he was privately fined behind closed doors a few years ago for something about the engine. At least today we have transparency.”

However, dwelling on complaints from other teams on the grid against the FIA’s alleged generosity towards Red Bull, Coulthard said: “McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes can exceed the cost cap next year by showing themselves ready to take the penalty. They won’t do it because 10% is 10%: nobody wants a 10% reduction. So obviously, they Says a few things. Because now they don’t have shoes on their feet. But if you’re in Formula 1, there’s always going to be something controversial about your team in the future, as we’ve seen with Ferrari.”

In the end he commented: “McLaren got a $100 million fine for copying Ferrari … Let’s not forget this happened in the past. I think the complaints are part of the political nature of Formula 1. The referee is the FIA, he said. It’s over”.

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