Budget, Gualtieri responds to the third sector and meets unions: “Dialogue on Civil Welfare”

Budget, Gualtieri responds to the third sector and meets unions:

The mayor responded to the appeal. Yesterday afternoon he met with Third Sector Associations at the Capitol to discuss the budget, which these days would be voted on in the Court of Julius Caesar, as he complained that they were not involved. “It was an opportunity to start a discussion on social policies, an area that the Capitoline administration considers strategic for the city and pivotal in reducing inequalities,” Mayor Gualtieri explained.

Also present at the meeting were Councilor for Budget, Sylvia Skoczez, Councilor for Social Policies, Barbara Funari, Representative for Exisolidarity Lazio, FederSolidarity Concooperative Lazio, CSV Lazio, Legacopsolia Lazio, Lazio Third Sector Forum and Network of Numbers. ,

In fact, funds for social policies have been increased in the budget forecast: total resources have increased from 749,129,384 euros to 775,811,514 euros, an increase of 26 million euros, while current expenditure resources have increased by 34 million, which From 720,517,974 Euros to 720,517,974 Euros. 754,304,783 Euro. “To these sums – the mayor outlined during the meeting – must be added the resources that the administration will be able to obtain from the NRP and from the restricted funds of the region and from the government for social policies”.

The administration then guaranteed that a major effort would be made to increase spending capacity for the third sector, noting that in recent years there has been a modest spending capacity of funds estimated at 47%. Finally, during the meeting, the desire to continue on the path of dialogue and comparison was reaffirmed to work on welfare policies and co-planning programs to create more efficient and innovative services.

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