California wildfires erupt during heat wave, damaging Santa Rosa

California wildfires erupt during heat wave, damaging Santa Rosa

Homes in the Shadia Fire community were engulfed in flames in the Skyhawk neighborhood of East Santa Rosa. That glitter started late Sunday early in Napa County near Glass Fire. The cause of both blazes is under investigation.

The Shady Fire Highway 12 jumped Oakmont and forced Exclude a senior community of 5,000 people By bus Local news Reports suggest The fire has engulfed some houses in the community. Evacuation order (Map) Expanded to the eastern perimeter of Santa Rosa when the city evacuation warning was in effect. The evacuation warning is not the same as the order but puts residents on notice that the order can come at any time and advises that they are ready to flee.

The fires in Sonama and Napa counties on Monday morning, which caused severe damage to Santa Rosa, raised fears of destruction caused by the 2017 Wine County fire. In Napa County, glass fires burned Sunday and spread quickly as dry winds increased. Calfire Tweeted It had burned 11,000 acres by Monday morning.

This Sacramento B reported The Chatto Boswell winery was engulfed in flames in a video recorded by bee visual journalist Daniel Kim on the Silverrado Trail outside St. Helena. The paper reports that the Glass Mountain Inn has also burned. Is there Reports of additional wineries As well as suffering losses.

The wineries were already heavily affected by smoke from nearby blazes that affected their grapes, and other amenities were burned in previous fires this season.

It’s not just the new blaze that the people of California deal with on Monday mornings. The North Complex fire in Butt County spread amid more dangerous fire weather, signaling a variety of evacuation warnings on its west side, including areas heavily affected by the campfire in 2018, California’s worst blaze. Paradise, California, which was almost devastated by that fire, was placed under evacuation warning Sunday night.

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The North Complex is already responsible for killing 15 people during the last heat wave coming in mid-September.

Fire weather forecasts will be ‘complex’

Climate systems in California are locked, often involving areas such as intense pressure, or heat domes, that ignore any hurricanes and result in hot and dry conditions. The Bhela high pressure area to the west right now is unusually strong for this time of year.

The wildfire, which began during a heat wave in mid-August, has burned a record 3.7 million acres and killed 26 people, according to Cal Fire. The state’s top 20 largest fires in 2020, known as the August Complex.

Ongoing heat and dry winds are expected to run through the week, although the most terrifying period in the wine country and other parts of Northern California takes place tonight, as dry winds are combined with higher temperatures to form tinder-dry. Terms.

Red flag warnings for the danger of high fires were posted in many parts of Northern California by 9 p.m. Monday, with heavy winds expected from the Sacramento Valley and North Bay Mountains. Gusts between 25 and 40 mph will be normal but in some places, may increase to 65 mph.

“Incredible ongoing fire weather conditions,” Tweet Nick Knussler, A meteorologist at the National Intelligence Fire Center, noted that winds are blowing at a speed of 56 miles per hour in the belt near Santa Rosa, with a humidity of 11 to 14 percent.

In the Los Angeles area, red flag warnings are in effect from 5 p.m. Monday local time, with Ventura and Los Angeles counties as well as the Santa Clarata Valley having the worst conditions. Winds of up to 40 mph are expected, with humidity levels dropping in teens and single digits. The weather service warned that these conditions could lead to “excessive fire behavior”. In LA County, firefighters are working to shore up the content zone around Bob Buck at Fire.

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Terrible firefighting winds are forecast to subside by Tuesday, but favorable heat, dry conditions in the west are forecast to persist for most of this week.

“Elevated fire weather conditions will continue in all areas,” Fis wrote of the Southern California forecast in Los Angeles.

California is just entering the sea breeze season from its traditional land, while it usually feels in some of its worst forests.

Heat waves are more probable and intense due to human-caused global warming, and Some case studies Some of the most intense heatwaves without global warming were reported.

Scientists say the 2020 fire season in California, and the intense blaze that stretched from the north to Oregon and Washington, have a clear link to their human-climate change. Global warming has led to an increase in the number of acres burned in the massive fires to the west, and forecasts call for the region to become warmer and drier, making the region more vulnerable to fires such as those currently occurring in the region. a Study published in August The frequency of fall days with extreme fire-weather conditions in California shows that they have more than doubled since the 1980s.

Due to frequent heat waves and a lack of summer monsoon rainfall, Forest Service data show that Southern California Mountains are close to or close to record-dry levels for this time of year.

Jason Semenov contributed to this report.


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