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There is a great deal of cohesion and renewal by activation for its new episodes Call of dutyGiven the release of PS5 and XboxX. These efforts ended Black Ops Cold War, A game that summarizes most of the qualities seen in previous chapters and, in particular, enhances memory, in particular, of the first two black ops. With great public response, given that 5.7 million copies have been sold to date

Trainee was assigned the technical part in collaboration with Raven Software, who wanted to update the game with the latest news for the tenth anniversary of “Call of Duty”. First, he incorporated “Cross Progress” and “Cross Save”, the inevitable opportunity to save his player character, both in single mode and in multiplayer, taking all accumulated experience points with you. From the narrative point of view, the story has a natural continuity call of Duty Black Ops, Itself, to be precise, in 1981, or five years before Black Ops 2, proposing international plots and intrigue, as well as too much adrenaline.

One step even further on quality of missions; Now there are not just great roars, flames and flames. Now an important part is stealth action, with targeted sniping and hidden object retrieval functions. Without forgetting the possibility of using an astonishing range of armored vehicles, helicopters, planes, motorcycles and war machines.

The technical quality of the maps remains high, even if they are limited for now. An additional attempt to increase multiplayer playability, even though statistics suggest that it is preferably a title for solo play. The transition to the new console was designed to enable immediate use of all improvements accrued to the old: in addition, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Includes the possibility of entering, with the same character, in “zombie” mode. It would therefore be possible to increase your experience points by fighting on multiple fronts, collecting both “real” worlds and special devices populated by zombies.

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Many improvements and interconnects will always allow for expanded gameplay with new options. In fact, game mechanics will be, in the long run, quite repetitive. However, the effort to rejuvenate and gather the experiences gained over ten years of videogame Anand is to be commended. If we really want to look for faults, we can point to the episode’s very long loading time and the general poor ability of Artificial Intelligence, which simplifies the entire game to be quite successful. Actually a good move for this title is now a classic. It will be possible to get it from today to 28 December Double xp Fight for the pass Duty of duty black ops cold war.


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