Camorra’s incursion: former mayor of San Giuseppe Vesuviano appeals to Mattarella

Camorra's incursion: former mayor of San Giuseppe Vesuviano appeals to Mattarella

He appeals directly to the presidency of the Republic, a former mayor of the Northern League. San Giuseppe Vesuviano, Vincenzo CatapanoAgainst the dissolution of the municipality due to the infiltration of the mafia. Together with his former councillors, he submitted, through his lawyers, a detailed suspension appeal addressed to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who had signed the dissolution decree published in the Official Gazette on 14 July. The date of appeal, registered yesterday 2 November, also to the Municipality of San Giuseppe Vesuviano, is 28 October last. The former administrators, outraged by the dissolution order, did not appeal to the TAR, but directly to the presidency of the republic. An option that left many doubts is probably connected with the dates. Any appeal to the TAR must begin within ninety days from the date of dissolution (14 July 2022), whereas there is no such strict time limit for the presidency of the republic.

Hence the choice of former directors who now run the risk of extending the time for transfer. According to statistical data, it takes two to three years for a sentence to be issued by the President of the Republic. A circumstance that would nullify the prospect of returning to the city’s leadership with prefectural commissars fulfilling a nearly two-year mandate. A prefectural commission composed of deputy prefects aldo aldiDeputy Prefect. By Agnes Scala and manager Antonio Scozzi Which has started a lot of work in about three months and reorganized the whole administrative machine.

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