Campidoglio / Budget, OK the first change came Gualtieri

Campidoglio / Budget, OK the first change came Gualtieri

The Budget Commission of the Capitol, with 7 votes in favour, 4 boycotts and one against, has thrown out the first changes devised by the new Capitoline administration and which included funding for the extraordinary cleanup of the city. Deputy mayor and councilor for the budget, Sylvia Skócz, presenting the document to the commissioners, explained: “The change is the last one that can be made on the budget before 30 November. It is used to understand what part of the resources will be Unused and can be transferred to other activities that are not covered but can be done by the end of the year. On the revenue front, despite refreshments, we recorded a significant decrease and slowdown. 255 million refreshments Of those, 54 million of which are covered by this variation, we have a negative balance of 27 million at admissions. Although there are 59 million savings, these are the resources that have been freed up: 9 million of these go to the reserve fund 30 million by October to cover activities requested by individual departments, as required by law”. The 27 million less revenue is a result of the difference between the 255 million Covid refreshment points, of which 54 million are covered by this variation, and the reduction in contribution where we recorded 38 million less on fines and 40 million less on tax. ,

As for the city’s extraordinary clean-up interventions, “about 10 million euros are there: they will be used for extraordinary clean-up that will bring the city’s cleanliness and greenery back to normalcy by Christmas – added Skozies -. About 170 million unused investments for this year.” has been identified, 69 million are unusable within the year that will be available in the next forecast budget document”. Specifically, with respect to the additional 30 million expenses, approximately 10 million, 9.5 exactly, are for exceptional cleanup: 5 million euros for roads and drains, improvements to mini landfills and removal of waste. 4.5 million euros left. “There are another 20 million micro-interventions that I would not define exceptional, they are part of requests from departments and such interventions which had to be done anyway”. With regard to the clarification requested by the Lega councillor, Fabrizio Santori, who defined “massive” as “political action”, the councilor replied: “It is a change that year is done at the end of the legal system and is required to To avoid that there are unspent resources. Our first commitment is serious programming, but luckily there are variations otherwise we can’t stop events”.

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Regarding the numbers stated by Mayor Roberto Gualtieri at the press conference (40 million euros for the extraordinary cleanup, of which about 32 million ordinary funds and 7.7 million additional resources) Scosz explained: “Let’s vote for change, for the budget. No: as the mayor said, the final resources were already allocated to their chapters, the variation resolution only has additional resources”. The budget commission of Roma Capital, headed by Giulia Tempesta of the Democratic Party, expressed a favorable opinion with 7 in favor of the majority, 4 abstinence (Paolo Ferrara of M5, Dario Nanni of Civica Calenda, Giovanni Quarzo of FD’I and Udc -FI’s Marco Di Stefano) and vice versa (League’s Fabrizio Santori).


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