Capital, Scottish: Budget changes due to low covid revenue, balance -27 million


Rome – “The purpose of the budget we are presenting in the classroom today is essentially to record the change in the low revenue recorded by the offices due to covid. As far as the current expenditure is concerned, the biggest negative changes are related to the tourist tax, about 40 million euros and a fine of about 38.

“Despite the significant intervention of the state, which has recognized the covid contribution in all local administrations, which for the Municipality of Rome amounted to about 255 million euros for 2021, and which in this variation us for 54 million and Allowing to trace the contribution, we recorded a decrease in revenue and a negative balance of $27 million. Thus the Councilor for the Budget of the Municipality of Rome, Silvia Scozze, presented the change in the budget to the Capitoline Assembly.

“Roma Capital – he said – can, however, count on cost savings of $59 million, and $25 million in the reduction of doubtful credit funds due to a reduction in revenue. Thus we can provide municipalities and offices without suffering, by 2021 Progress being made and planned works can be accelerated and allowed to continue.

“The high cost fixed in the change is about 30 million in total – Skoczez explained – about 10 million of these are worth the expenses authorized with the extraordinary cleaning of roads, cleaning of drains and the establishment of a new council. Harvesting of greenery. Budget. The entire amount of the operation is covered, with the use of resources already existing in the U.S.”. (Dear Agency)

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