Capua: “I go back to live in Italy, a sabbatical year. Renovated house: it was drenched with tears”


“I moved to the United States because I had to be born far away from Italy. I left with (and not investigated) crimes punishable by life imprisonment and my reputation was completely destroyed even internationally. But in Florida I Started and accepted to work at an interdisciplinary center and there I created the circular health paradigm which has become an international reference point today”. Ilaria Capua has just returned to Italy to live in Rome, where she will spend a sabbatical year. She ran away from that house in shame years ago, when she was accused of illegally smuggling the virus. he tells it Corriere della Sera:

,Same house, but I renovated everything, the walls were wet with tears for what I had to endure here. It is a junction that happens constantly in life. We can’t live the same life as before, make the same mistakes and we have to think about it. I want to take some time and reflect on the changes that have already happened, for everyone: even the work will be different, everything will be different, in fact it is already different Is. We are in a post-pandemic reality Obtorto Colo”

Every piece of furniture you buy for a new home is taken online.

,I bought everything on Amazon and online anyway: refrigerator, plates, glasses. I believe there is no time to waste time. Our generation is filled with many things: email, video-call, accompany, report, walk, fly around. We don’t have time: it will take me a month to decorate this house. I became online-addicted in America because the distances are huge”

She will never go back to politics, it is not for her, she says. But remember when he said “yes” to Mario Monti’s call.

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,Monty called me on January 6th, Befana’s day, I didn’t know him. He told me that I was putting this list together and looking for someone who has an international profile. I replied: Look, I never thought about it. How much time do I have to set? He told me 24 hours. My husband, who is Scottish, said to me: When is it that a credible person like Mario Monti is looking for you for this kind of job?”


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