Carlo Pozzi, Mayor of Pioltello, Died in Years of Great Growth

Carlo Pozzi, Mayor of Pioltello, Died in Years of Great Growth

funeral of carlo posi Mayor of Pioltello between the seventies and eighties. He was 88 years old.

Farewell to Mayor Pozik

Many years have passed, from a political point of view the ages can be spoken. It was the early seventies when Carlo Posio appeared on the political life of his city in the colors of the Socialist Party. An era in which the city of Pioltello came from a demographic boom and from the great migration from the south, with newly created satellite and a rural village, which in a short time turned into a small town.

On 11 November 1973 an unexpected incident happened. The centre-left coalition that had led Piotello in previous years was defeated by a more leftist coalition that saw the Socialists side by side with the Communist Party. Pozzi was placed at the helm of the coalition and became mayor for his first term. The experience that ended 12 years later, when another member of the Socialists boldly succeeded him, Michelle Rossetti.

The structure of the city as it appears today is due to Pozzi and the men accompanying him at the time. In those years the sewerage system was built, the infrastructure of the city was built, work began on essential services for those who came to the outskirts of Milan to work. Pioltello was among the first villages to equip itself with kindergarten, the double shift in schools was removed by building new campuses, the first Machiavelli Scientific High School was built, an excellence still recognized by the entire metropolitan city today.

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years of clean hands

Unfortunately, Pozzi is also remembered for his involvement in a clean hands investigation conducted by the Milan Public Prosecutor in the early nineties. Even as Pioletlis was among those arrested for incidents related to regulatory schemes, he paid his debts to justice and returned to devote himself to private life, who had honored him.

“A capable man, a skilled statesman, a man who had the city at his heart”, were the words of his peers, but also of political opponents of the time. The same people, along with many citizens, wanted to pay their last respects today at the church of Beta Vergine Assunta in Segiano, where the funeral was held.

A piece of the city’s history is gone, a disappearance that may have passed a little too quietly. As several attendees noted, in fact, there were no administration representatives during the funeral to offer a formal greeting to the man who led Piotello for 12 years.


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