Cattle and Scottish federalism two separate twins Ila and Ross

Cattle and Scottish federalism two separate twins Ila and Ross

The former Spanish health minister is a socialist and leads the elections in Catalonia. The leader of the Edinburgh Tories has a delicate job

Scotland and Catalonia are the two most important regions of Western Europe with a long standing demand for mass independence.. And both are going for elections (Catalonia in 14 February, Scotland in May) which will be decisive to measure the current temperature of separatism. However, the “Catalan question” and the “Scottish question” are different. And two people living in Edinburgh and Barcelona took on the task of combating the desire to leave the home of many Catalans and many Scots.

Salvador illa, 54, the man on whom Spanish (and Catalan) federalists aim to achieve good results in elections is a socialist. Douglas Ross, 38, on which the British Unionists (and the Scottish ones) aim to achieve a good result in the May elections, rather than a conservative one. If Illa, the Minister of Health, is the trusted figure of Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Ross, former Scotland’s Secretary of State, never misses the slightest chance to clash with British Prime Minister (and his party’s partner) Boris Johnson. It is considered Ross’s best card among Scottish voters. Illa is a person of consensus and a measured politician. In fact, he is a bit boring and is chosen for the same reason, and the elections reward him. The leader of the Scottish Tories, on the other hand, has a consolidated reputation as a furniture breaker: to defend his ideas (version of the fanbase) or to build a career (version of the blockers), Ross always argues for Available with anyone and never takes a step back.

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Many are able to focus on his character who is capable of messing up the finale of the SNP which he has ruled for years and aimed at an unbroken absolute majority. Unlike twins, who split together to strike at liberty, Illa and Ross also have ambitions of varying degrees. The Catalan aspires to be in the first place in the Socialist election – an unimaginable undertaking until a few months ago – and the removal of the seats of absolute majority from the sum of the independence parties (and that would indeed be decisive). The Scottish Tory, which can only aim for a second place and which will be dubbed, has only the purpose of holding an avalanche vote for the party of Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who referendum to grant London Is from Second Referendum of Independence. But, if Europeans can intimidate the Illa Catalan Europeans with the usual card (“If you leave Spain, you leave the EU too”), Ross, who wants to “stay” even at the time of the Brexit referendum, is now Scottish Ceropropene has to get involved in the difficult task of explaining that it is good to live in Britain even though it is separated from the rest of Europe.


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