Celtic open: beat Dundee United 9-0, historic record


Celtic’s 9-0 win over Dundee United is the biggest in Scottish Top League history: Naik Furuhashi.

It should be Goliad’s weekend in various leagues around Europe: if, in England, Liverpool beat Bournemouth 9–0 at Anfield in Scotland, it was their turn. Celtic Say it out loud

Glasgow’s green and white prevailed with similar results Dundee UnitedBut with one difference: The success, this time, took place away from home, not within friendly walls, which is no small detail and deserves a historical record.

It actually represents 0-9, Biggest away win in Scottish Premiership history Which was known as the Premier League until 1998. Celtic broke their own record since 2006 by 1–8 at East End Park’s Dunfermline.

A real defeat for Dundee United, who, after the first 45 minutes, had already lost by a score of 4–0: to sign furuhashi except for the hat-trick plowed, even for triss abda in the second half, with juranovic And starfelt To make the liabilities more heavy.

Not a dream start to the season for Dundee United, not new to a last and emphatic defeat in the Premiership with only one point after the first five days: the previous 11 August, the elimination at the hands of AZ Alkmaar matured in the Conference League, victorious. 7-0 in the Netherlands after losing 1-0 to Scotland.

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