CGIL-CISL-UIL: New Focus on Welfare Resources

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Rome – “A new focus and more money for social policies”. Cgil Roma and the Secretary General of Lazio, Cisl Roma Capitale Rieti, Uil del Lazio, Michele Azzola, Carlo Costantini and Alberto Civica, in a letter addressed to the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, ask the new administration of the Roma Capital. ‘Counsellor for Budget Silvia Scosze, Councilor for Social Policies Roberta Funari, Dr. Giulia Tempesta, Chairman of the Budget Commission and Dr. Nella Comberti. Chairman of the Social Policy Commission.

“Once the institutional phase of the establishment of the new city council and the formation of the new Capitoline junta is completed – the trade unionists write – the operational phase and period of the year devoted to financial forecasting begins.”

“To make Rome a European-class capital will require a strong, influential and decisive action and many economic resources, destined to operate on mobility and infrastructure on urban dignity.”

“However, we recognize that social issues are equally important, exacerbated by the economic effects of the pandemic, and the response that our city’s social service system is able to offer its citizens.”

“From our point of view, Rome needs to rethink the system, redefine strategic priorities and manage available financial resources more efficiently, both in an institutional and organizational context.”

“We specifically mention Mission 12 of the budget, which, compared to previous years, has always shown a constant gap between the forecasts made in the planning phase and the final commitments.”

“Indeed, if compared to cities of similar rank, the average social expenditure per capita shows a clear negative difference between Rome, which spends 239 euros, and Milan, which spends 296. If we consider only the elderly population If we consider the ratio is even more negative, in Rome it is equal to 79 euros against 261 in Milan.”

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“Social expenditure has always been regarded as the daughter of a lesser god and little has been invested in strengthening and maintaining a network of social infrastructure, starting with professional figures, both technical and administrative, Essential to providing quality of service.”

“We have jointly mobilized over the years during discussions in the budget room, but to no avail, for greater financial investment and participation of subjects representative of the city’s social and trade union realities.”

“For this reason, we believe it is useful to build and integrate a model for programming, monitoring and evaluation services with democratic and transparent processes that address structures, personnel, demand satisfaction, available and utilized resources, and Provides data on more issues. Contract changes and outsourcing should be explored to avoid compression of rights and competition on labor costs only.”

“Let us think of a structure that incorporates the social themes of proximity, which have had an active and decisive role in the pandemic period, not only for minor needs and vulnerabilities but also for elaborate solution and intervention strategies. are capable. In short, the new social plan should be based on stable cooperation with social and trade union realities.

“With PNRR Mission 5, Ordinary Fund PON Inclusion 2014-20 and new programming 2021-27, as well as seizing the unattainable opportunity to end REACT-EU – Trade Unionists – we think the municipal administration should budget Beginning with the drafting of the U.S., a new focus on social issues and the transfer of vital human and economic resources to the fifteen municipalities, where citizens meet and judge administration on the quality of service provided, have changed their priorities. kept solid.

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