Champions League, angry fans at Rangers-Naples postponement: letter from Scottish club

Champions League, angry fans at Rangers-Naples postponement: letter from Scottish club

rangers naplesGroup A Day 2 Champions Leagueadjourned till wednesday September 14 at 9 pm And the match will be closed to away fans. A decision that came too late and which angered everyone, both the Napoli fans, many already present in Glasgow, who would now have to be reimbursed for purchased tickets and plane and hotel tickets, and the Scottish fans who Everyone has expressed their regrets in a letter.

rangers letter

,We take note of UEFA’s announcement of a ban on away fans for the upcoming matches between Rangers and Napoli. This is due to the lack of police causing the deaths Queen Elizabeth IIAn unprecedented event in living memory in Britain. The suspension of away fans is a source of deep regret as we looked forward to welcoming the fansssc naples It is sure to be an exciting night under the lights of Ibrox Stadium. A match between two of Europe’s biggest clubs wouldn’t be the same without both sets of supporters,

,We are also deeply saddened that UEFA has banned Rangers fans from visiting the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona for the second leg on grounds of “sporting integrity”. It deprived us of the opportunity to visit a great city and experience one of the most passionate areas in European football,

,Away from football, we can’t wait to taste the joys of your city: stuff yourself with pizza, puff pastry and drink lots of Neapolitan coffee (and beer of course!!) Stripped down, it seems superfluous, senseless and completely avoidable. Like traveling Napoli fans, Rangers fans have booked flights and accommodation by the thousands since Saturday 27 August, when the Champions League matches were announced. Rangers and Napoli fans are effectively being punished for a decision that was made neither by themselves, nor by Rangers Football Club, but by Police Scotland and UEFA,

Ticket refunds for Napoli fans

Ticket cancellations and reversals for Glasgow away matches will be done by re-crediting the credit card used till tomorrow, less the service charge. The operation will be visible from the month following the completion of the refund operation, Napoli gave this information on its official website. After Sunday’s hoax there were high hopes of finding out how to make the refund.

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