Children and male teachers should wear skirts: “This is how equality is promoted”. Request for Edinburgh School

  Children and male teachers should wear skirts:

An email was sent to the families of an elementary school student with a specific request. Children at Castleview Primary School in Edinburgh, Scotland, were asked to dress boys (and teachers) to school wearing skirts to “promote equality” and break gender stereotypes.

The initiative is inspired by an incident that happened in Spain a few months back. At one school, a 15-year-old student, Mikel Gómez, of Valladolid’s Virgen de Sasedón, was expelled for attending class in a skirt for claiming her gender non-conformity. As a sign of solidarity, many classmates and even teachers decided to go to class wearing skirts.

An invitation to do so comes from Edinburgh, specifying that children may be free to wear leggings under skirts for their convenience.

“We want our school to be inclusive and promote equality”The Scottish institution said the idea came from a group of students. “Clothes have no gender, we should all be free to express our will”, some teachers wrote to parents.

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