Christmas parties, infections skyrocketing, Peppa Pig: Boris Johnson’s troubles all

Christmas parties, infections skyrocketing, Peppa Pig: Boris Johnson's troubles all

Boris Johnson continued to “stumble into trivialities” (Daily Mail) and repeated “Goals of His Own” (The Independent). And his government is based on “large-scale lies, anarchy and neglect” (The Guardian).

Despite the joy of the birth of her seventh daughter, these are difficult days for the British Prime Minister, who has been in the crosshairs of the British media for a long series of frequent scandals and controversies, as well as for the difficulty she has faced. The covid pandemic, which is recording a new record of infections in the United Kingdom (58 thousand in the latest bulletin), also due to the spread of the Omicron variant.

In short, a dark period for Bozo, to the point that the BBC wonders whether “the planet Boris is now destined to explode”, leaving the burden and honor of leading the government on others.

In addition to the new, massive wave of infections in the United Kingdom (as Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon defined it “a tsunami”), new revelations over the so-called “Scandal Christmas”. That of 2020, the occasion of which Downing Street officials – including men and women very close to the premier – held not one but three parties, despite the country grappling with severe restrictions to contain the pandemic.

not only. The Conservative Party, of which Johnson is one of the leading exponents, was fined 17,800 pounds (over 20,000 euros) by the Election Commission for a donation of more than 50,000 pounds (about 60,000 euros) made by a lord last year. had failed to declare correctly. – David Brownlow – To cover the cost of renovating the Downing Street apartment where the Premier lives with his family.

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But the tabloids also highlight the dire public health situation, contradicts and even “lies” told by Johnson to try to make matters less thorny in the face of public opinion than those associated with him.

Not to mention the repeated mistakes, such as in front of British industrialists, when from the stage, during his speech, having lost the thread of conversation, Boris began as if something about Peppa Pig also not to talk, then Moses to compare himself.

Result: Polls now clearly show Labour, while Tories are trailing.

Just so that the word “disbelief” doesn’t stop whispering in the corridors of Westminster—and in an increasingly insistent way.

The tabloids, too, have already started rolling out full names for succession. And in pole position to replace the former London mayor would be finance minister Rishi Sunak (who is also often in the press’s crosshairs) or foreign affairs boss Liz Truss.

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