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06.10.2021 – 12:04

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The consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly noticeable. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, from 31 October to 12 November, measures taken by states to tackle climate change will be tested. US President Joe Biden is also expected to attend. RTL and ntv report extensively on major political event. ntv sets a program focus on the topic of climate.

Under the motto “How We Create Climate Change”, NTV accompanies the United Nations Climate Conference with on-site current reports and extensive special programming. The news broadcaster is adding various news specials around the climate summit to its schedule and a new climate update special (November 6, 6.15 pm). In addition, on two themed evenings (November 1 and November 10), several documents will detail the theme of the climate. In a new Business Talk on November 10th at 11.30 pm, NTV Business Manager Ulrich Reitz and startup expert Janna Link will discuss the interplay between business and climate with guests. In addition, Telebörse, mentorship program and startup magazine (November 8, 2.30 pm) also tackles climate. Apart from this, also provides information with various articles and videos.

Sonia Shvetje, Editor-in-Chief of NTV and Netzwork RTL News: “The United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow is one of the most important news events of this year. The consequences of global warming and the global measures against it will be felt by everyone personally. NTV itself responsible for constantly engaging with the subject, making abstract facts understandable and thus creating awareness of the relevance of the subject.”

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RTL also reports extensively on Climate Summit. In advance, the October 28 climate update classifies what the United Nations Climate Convention is all about. To start, Mike Meiser reports live from Glasgow for RTL Actuel on 1 November at 6.45pm. In addition, several journalists are on duty to report on current developments and outcomes.

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