Climate, Compromise in Glasgow. Cop26’s president bursts into tears: “Lesson water dropped”

  Climate, Compromise in Glasgow.  Cop26's president bursts into tears:

AGI – Nearly 200 countries gathered at COP26 have adopted the “Glasgow Pact” to accelerate the fight against climate change and outline the basis for its future funding, but with an agreement in the passage relating to the end of the text Water has been served. coal, why India managed to bring change at the last minute,

COP26 president, Alok Sharma, became emotional apologizing at the time of the announcement as talks in Glasgow ended with an underwater passage in the draft on fossil fuels and coal. His spirit caused thunderous applause and some standing cheer.

,I apologize for the way this process unfolded”, Sharma said, adding that he was “deeply sorry. “It’s also important to protect this package,” he added with a broken voice.

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US special envoy John Kerry talks to China’s special climate envoy Xi Zhenhua

The final acceptance of the text, after two weeks of difficult negotiations, was called off with a hammer strike by the British President of the negotiations.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres called the adopted text a compromise that made significant strides, but “Collective political will was not enough to resolve some of the deepest contradictions”, “Our fragile planet is hanging by a thread – we are still knocking on the door of climate catastrophe”, he warned.

The Delegate of Antigua and Barbuda, speaking on behalf of several developing countries, called for their “disappointment” for the failure to create a formal mechanism for the distribution of funds to countries affected by recorded climate impacts: he added that the group had considered asking for changes to the text, but did not do so in order to reach an agreement.

“If you are the manager of a coal plant, this COP has assured you of a poor outcome. It is in the interest of all countries, including those that still burn coal, to switch to clean renewable energy. More rich countries should do more. Support change. Our future depends on it.”

green Peace

“They have changed one word but they cannot change the signal emanating from this COP, that the coal age is coming to an end”: thus the environmentalist union Greenpeace commented on the adoption of the agreement of the Scottish city of Glasgow, whose tato In these the route dedicated to coal-fired power plants was changed at the last minute due to interference from India and China (the text passed with the words “gradual reduction” instead of “phasing out”).

Swedish activist ‘Godmother’ Greta Thunberg of Friday for Future reiterated her criticism of the summit’s conclusion, which she had defined “a failure” in recent days.
“Cop26 has ended. Here’s a short summary: Bla, bla, bla. But the real work continues outside these rooms, And we will never give up,” he tweeted.

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