Climate, COP26 agreements in Glasgow explained in 10 points

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Althoughintensity of side chords, pumped by the British Presidency at the start of the COP as if to reassure the world outside the Glasgow Convention Center that something was coming to an end, almost an announcement fever, struggled with the end result. In any case, these parallel initiatives may also be fruitful for forming alliances in the wake of the next conferences. In form of Beyond the Oil and Gas Alliance, an international forum led by Denmark and Costa Rica to end fossil fuels, attended by eleven members, includingItaly (with the lowest commitment, ie friends). Or a $24 billion fund to stop funding research and extraction of fossil fuels abroad is also signed by Italy.

The agreement establishes that each country must provide its own Climate Plans for Five Year Cycles, But commitment is lacking. Glasgow Agreement limited to “encouraging” the introduction of a package of commitments for 2025 Reduce emissions and achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement, these are nationally determined contributions (Nationally Determined Contribution, NDC) 2035, 2040 in 2030. Very little for those who expected tight tables.

Not everything ends in Glasgow. Countries that have not yet done so will have to submit their national plans by next year. then part a Action program to accelerate emissions reductions, which will present its results at COP27, organized by Egypt in Sharm-el-Sheik, and an annual commission to verify the climate strategies of different countries.

10. World Joe Cop26. originates from

If any other proof was needed that the world balance has changed, it is Cop26. move of India and China Within hours a text on which the commas had been working for several days turned into one that walloped the British presidency with its back, to the extent that Sharma apologized to other delegations such as Switzerland and Mexico. The discontent of different countries increased. ,

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The second twist always puts Beijing at the center and concerns the agreement Climate cooperation with the United States. A sign of a thaw in the wake of the next virtual meeting between their respective presidents, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden, and China’s first public stand, very active in negotiating rooms, but not very visible, thanks to Xi’s overwhelming absence. , The first evidence of the effectiveness of this pivot was the Blitz on step down from coal.

The day after the US-China agreement, European commissioner Timmermans wanted to put the dots on IS: They have made a deal, we have a climate law (Package.) 55. fit for, which aims to reduce emissions from EU countries by 55% by 2030). However, the old continent, which negotiated on behalf of the 27 (for which, before each negotiation, the representatives of the countries meet to define the common line), appeared to be blown up. Broken. The bitter pill (I don’t like it, but I support it) swallowed by Timmermann on the final vote is a sign that Brussels has not qualified itself as an important ally for these negotiations, emphasizing its cause. Is. To Jennifer Tolman, political advisor to the E3G think tank, “Despite a very ambitious commitment, EU struggles to build bridge with USA, China and smaller islands beyond the north-south divisions“. The results have been seen. If anything needs to change at the next climate conference, it’s time to get down to business.


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