Climate emergency continues, it is necessary for companies to take steps now

Climate emergency continues, it is necessary for companies to take steps now

(Adnkronos) – 96% of Italian top management interviewed for the ‘CxO Sustainability Report 2022: The Disconnected Between Ambition and Impact’, based on over two thousand interviews with business leaders from 21 countries and key industrial sectors, Let’s assume that an emergency global climate is already in place. In line with what has emerged globally, 8 out of 10 executives, in relation to their business, have been affected by extreme weather events during the past year.

Italian top management confirmed that there is less concern for climate change within their companies than the global average (55% vs 63%), ranking in the last 5 places among the 21 countries interviewed. However, the majority (66%) still want to put climate change at the center of their businesses in the next three years. Italian companies are aligned with the global average in the implementation of some sustainable measures. Companies in our country are at the fore in the purchase of renewable energy (60% of cases, global average 48%) and use of new climate-friendly products or services (56% compared to global average of 49%). 90% of Italian top management are optimistic and agree that the worst effects of climate change can be limited with immediate action.

“Businesses can achieve decisive success in the fight against climate change by taking concrete action and offering sustainable solutions for the benefit of the entire community. It is not a question of future plans, but of acting now because according to our research, 80% of Italian top management members, in terms of their business, have already been affected by extreme climate events of various types and entities during the ‘last year’. 96% of them are convinced that the global climate emergency is already in place. is a reality and appropriate strategies must be put in place”, says Franco Amelio, Sustainability Leader at Deloitte Italia, in presenting the report.

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“From research conducted by Deloitte Global – says Stefano Pareglio, independent senior advisor at Deloitte – it emerges that the implementation of some key sustainability measures ranks Italian companies with the world average. Among the most important commitments are sustainable These measures include the use of materials (69%), the purchase of renewable energy (60% of cases; global average 48%) and the use of climate-friendly products or services (56% compared to global average 49%). In addition, companies should, however, accelerate the definition and implementation of a sustainability strategy, equipping themselves with a regime that allows the measurement and achievement of set objectives”.

Italian top management interviewed indicated three main benefits associated with the implementation of the policy to combat climate change in brand reputation (56%), product innovation (44%) and customer satisfaction (42%). Also there are financial benefits, a symptom that the short-term costs of transitioning to a low-carbon future are still seen as particularly decisive.


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